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Super Rainbow Megaways

Super Rainbow Megaways is a superstitious March 2022 video slot from developer 1X2gaming whose thematically relatable games are Pots of Luck (March 2019), Irish Love (March 2020), Fields of Clover (February 2021), Charming Lady Luck (2014), and Rainbow 3X3 (March 2019). Another mechanically relatable game is Heart Bingo Branded Megaways (1X2gaming; February 2022).

Themes: Irish culture, luck, and honor card values. One symbol (leprechaun) requires two to six rightward combinations. Nine symbols (hat, tobacco pipe, clover, A, K, Q, J, 9, and 10) require three to six combinations.

Super Rainbow Megaways is titled after its wild-cloning rainbow and the randomly assigned few hundreds to hundreds of thousands of winning ways—at least 324 ways capped at 200704 lines. It has: twelve symbols; free re-spins; 28 total bets; X0.15 to X25 regular payouts; and buyable and re-triggerable free games, with sticky reels and progressive win multipliers.

Super Rainbow Megaways Game Characteristics

The Super Rainbow Megaways’ navy-blue grid has: six vertical reels that draw a dynamic number of symbols per reel; and one horizontal reel, between the leprechaun’s two stony dens at the bottom, that draws four symbols. The partitioned grid is embedded on a vined wooden shed whose setting is a grassy and floral Irish rolling plains.

The Super Rainbow Megaways’ total bets: $0.20 (minimum), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $1.20, $1.40, $1.60, $1.80, $2.00, $2.40, $2.80, $3.00, $3.40, $3.80, $4.00, $4.40, $4.80, $5.00, $6.00, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $20.00, and $25.00 (maximum).

Super Rainbow Megaways has two special and ten ordinary symbols: Special symbols: a substituting “wild” bank of clouds; and a free games-prompting “scatter” pot of gold, exclusive to the vertical reels.

Ordinary symbols: beer mug-holding leprechaun in green-and-golden; clover-embedded leprechaun’s hat; wispy gray-and-golden smoking pipe; four-leaf clover; and leafy golden A, light green K, purple Q, light green J, light green 9, and blue 10.

Super Rainbow Megaways has 197 sets of regular payouts, based on these odds. Two leprechauns pay X2. Three leprechauns pay X4.50. Four leprechauns pay X7.50. Five leprechauns pay X12.50. Six leprechauns pay X25.00.

Three, four, five and six combinations pay as follows. Hats pay X0.50, X1, X1.50, and X5. Tobacco pipes pay X0.30, X0.45, X0.70, and X1.20. Clovers pay X0.25, X0.40, X0.60, and X1. A or K pays X0.20, X0.30, X0.45, and X0.90. Q or J or 9 or 10 pays X0.15, X0.20, X0.30, and X0.50.

Four “scatter” pots of gold offer 12 free games. Five pots: 14 free games. Six pots: 16 free games. An extra pot of gold—drawing beyond seven scatters—offers +2 free games. A pot of gold reappearing during the purple-hued free games offers a +1 free game.

The regular game’s winning combinations disintegrate, disappear, and are replaced by newly drawn symbols—free re-spins. During the free games, each win is valued at a +1-win multiplier, wherein the cumulative value of the multiplier is displayed on the left, below the free games’ counter.

Throughout the free games—have more winning ways—there are vines surrounding a reel(s) with seven (maximum) symbols. A simultaneous occurrence of a wild on both the second and fifth reels triggers the M-like Super Rainbow in the inner reels, prompting two more free wilds to land on the third and fourth reels.

The top-right “buy bonus” icon has two choices. Purchasing 12 free games at X82 the current bet, costing: $16.40, $32.80, $49.20, $65.60, $82.00, $98.40, $114.80, $131.20, $147.60, $164.00, $196.80, $229.60, $246.00, $278.80, $311.60, $328.00, $360.80, $393.60, $410.00, $492.00, $574.00, $656.00, $738.00, $820.00, $984.00, $1230.00, $1640.00, or $2050.00.

Or, purchasing 12 free games and at least a locked reel at X131 the current bet, costing: $26.20, $52.40, $78.60, $104.80, $131.00, $157.20, $183.40, $209.60, $235.80, $262.00, $314.40, $366.80, $393.00, $445.40, $497.80, $524.00, $576.40, $628.80, $655.00, $786.00, $917.00, $1048.00, $1179.00, $1310.00, $1572.00, $1965.00, $2620.00, or $3275.00.

The lowest win (X0.15 for three 9/10/Q/J; a $0.20 bet) is $0.03, while the highest regular win (X25 for three leprechauns; a $25.00 bet) is $625.00. However, the maximum win is X35000, or (35000X25) a $875000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The Super Rainbow Megaways software: HTML5 technology; bet history; supports desktops and mobile devices; switchable control sides; quick spin; in English/Swedish/Russian/Italian/Spanish/German/Greek/Dutch/Danish languages; 5/10/20/50/99 automated rounds, with X5/X10/X20/X50 bet loss/win limits.

Sounds: ambient Irish trad instrumental; and jingling, chinking, blasting and thunder effects. The animated 3D graphics: glittering, thunderstorm, undulating rainbow, glowing, gushing coins, explosion, swaying leaves and flowers, gesturing leprechaun, big win’s freefalling clovers, and fluttering butterfly.

Luck in Super Rainbow Megaways

A game of chance, the Super Rainbow Megaways’ RTP rate is 96.13% and its house edge is 3.87%.

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