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Battle Maidens

Battle Maidens is a warring November 2019 video slot from 1X2 Gaming, which also developed: Jewel of Athena (April 2020), Thor: Stormland (June 2012), Asgard Warriors (May 2021), Book of Loki (May 2020), Gladiator of Rome (October 2015), and Theseus Rises (July 2020). Battle Maidens Cleopatra (September 2020) is a sequel.

Named after the five featured shield-maidens—namely Alfhild, Eldfrid, Hellevi, Snefrid and Solvej— Norse mythology and warriorhood are themes in Battle Maidens whose ten ordinary symbols require three, four or five rightward combinations in the 1024 winning ways to regularly pay between X2 and X250.

Battle Maidens Game Characteristics

Battle Maidens has a translucent and unpartitioned gray 5X4 grid whose metallic frame has, along the margins, two towering carvings of red-eyed brown-and-gray dragons. The mountainous background has a hilltop castle overlooking the two Viking longships docked in the grassy coastline under the gloomy skies.

There are five scatters, four substitutes, two wilds, reel-tall scatter, free games, additional free games, nine total bets, seventeen symbols, sticky wild, ordinary-turned-wild symbols, +1-win multipliers, and expandable shield-maidens.

At bottom left, the Battle Maidens’ total bets are: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, and $5.00 (maximum bet).

Battle Maidens has seven golden-framed special symbols. The first substitute is an orange-fissured gray “wild” for the regular rounds. There is a gray metallic “sticky wild”. The (extra) free games-triggering scatter is a white-haired, brown-marked shieldmaiden called Snefrid, Flaming Power. The second substitute is a sticky scatter comprising of a blue-marked, redheaded shieldmaiden called Eldfrid, Frost of Blue.

The third substituting scatter is a symbol-transforming brown-marked and purple-cloaked shield-maiden called Hellevi, the Golden. The win-multiplying scatter is a green-marked brown-armored shield-maiden called Alfhild – Emerald Blaze; and the fourth substituting scatter, an expandable free games activator too, is an ax-wielding purple-marked shield-maiden called Solveji, Amethyst Light.

The ordinary symbols: runic gray-and-red values—orange-runed J, blue-runed Q, green-runed K, red-runed A; gray-and-green Viking helmet; iron-tipped Gjallarhorn horn; crisscrossing Viking battle axes; Yggdrasil tree-carved golden round shield; dragons-embedded round brass shield; and patterned bronze-and-iron shield/sword.

Below are the Battle Maidens’ payouts for three to five combinations.

J or Q pay X2, X5, and X8; K or A pay X4, X6, and X12; helmets or horns or crisscrossing axes pay X6, X10, and X25; golden shield pays X10, X20 and X50; and dragon-embedded shields pay X20, X40, and X75; and shields/swords pay X50, X100, and X250.

Regular games draw the: purple-cloaked Hellevi on reel one; redheaded Eldfrid on second reel; white-haired Snefrid on reel three; green-marked Alfhild on reel four; and ax-wielding Solveji on reel five. Appearing on the second to fifth reels; Hellevi, Eldfrid, and Solveji are substitutes in the free games only.

3+ Hellevi offers ten free games, where the ordinary symbols become wilds. 3+ Eldfrid offers ten free games, where she becomes sticky once. 3+ Snefrid offers ten free games, and 3+ reappearances offer +2 additional free games.

3+ Alfhild offers ten free games, with +1-win multipliers. 3+ Solveji offers ten free games, where she becomes reel-tall. Non-progressive jackpot: $400000.00.

The HTML5 game Battle Maidens: supports mobile devices and desktops; playing history; quick spin; 5/10/20/50/99 auto spins with stop on/when any win, feature or specified (single) win/loss limits.

On/off sounds: ambient Viking music; and strumming, whooshing, rustling and clanging effects. The animated 3D graphics: blazing, glowing, falling coins, lightning, and lively shield-maidens brandishing weapons.

Luck in Battle Maidens

A game of chance, the Battle Maidens’ RTP rate is 96.00%. House edge: 4.00%.

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