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Fruity 3X3

Fruity 3X3, released in early 2015, is a 1X2 Gaming-owned fruit-themed casino game. Also from the developer, relatable games are Superfruit 7, Classic Fruit, Neon Fruit Cityscape, and Juicy Ninja. 1X2 Gaming has other slot games under the “3X3” gaming line, including Jackpot 3X3, Football 3X3, and Rainbow 3X3. The rival games of Fruity 3X3 include Fruits (January 2019) from Nolimit City, Exotic Fruit (June 2017) from Booming Games, and Starstruck (March 2019) from Nolimit City.

The name “Fruity 3X3” refers to the fruity symbolism contained in three small grids, wherein each of the small grids measures 3X3. The Fruity 3X3 symbols require three winning combinations.

Fruity 3X3 Game Characteristics
Fruity 3X3 has a 3X3X3 grid (or 9X3 grid), eleven coin values, pays up to X500 the stake, and nine fixed pay lines. On loading, the software prompts players to “play for fun” or “play for real”. The sixteen Fruity 3X3 symbols: a bunch of leafy cherries; an apple; a lemon; a pear; an orange; a plum; a halved watermelon; a bunch of leafy purple grapes; a red 7; bell, green 7; a single BAR; double BAR; a yellow star with a crown; and Triple BAR.

These are the Fruity 3X3 coin values: $0.10, $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, and $5.00. The optional bet sizes are: $0.90 (the minimum bet), $1.80, $2.70, $3.60, $4.50, $7.20, $9.00, $18.00, $27.00, $36.00, and $45.00 (the maximum bet).

Fruity 3X3 has these payouts for three winning combinations. Three cherries pay X1. Three lemons pay X2. Three oranges pay X3. Three plums pay X4. Three apples pay X5. Three pears pay X6. Three grapes pay X7. Three watermelons pay X8. Three golden bells pay X10. Three red 7s pay X15. Three green 7S pay X20. Three yellow 7s pay X25. Three blue single BARs pay X30. Three green BARs pay X50. Three triple BARs pay X100. Three stars pay X500.

Note that each of the three grid’s rows has a different maximum payout: the upper row is for these symbols with X8 maximum payout (namely cherry, pear, lemon, grape, orange, plum, apple, watermelon); the central row caters for these symbols with X30 maximum payout (namely cherry, apple, lemon, bell, orange, red and green 7s, blue BAR), and the lower row involves these symbols (apple, cherry, lemon, yellow 7, Bell, triple BAR, double BAR, and golden star) with X500 maximum payout.

Each of these three rows has a unique maximum payout as showed here: the upper row has $40.00, the central row has $150.00, and the lower row has $2500.00. Bet cycles offer $8070.00 maximum payout, although the Fruity 3×3 webpage on 1X2 Gaming’s website claims that the maximum winnings is $10000.00. Unfortunately, Fruity 3X3 lacks free spins.

The good Fruity 3X3 software has five buttons only: “bet history” at top left, game rules and on/off speaker at top right, spin at center right, and +/- for adjusting coin values at bottom left; the bet size is displayed at the bottom right. The classic fruit machine sounds are plain, but it befits the old school inanimate graphics (merely flickering symbols).

Luck in Fruity 3X3
Despite the use of a random number generator, there is fairness. The RTP rate of Fruity 3X3 is 95.00% and the house edge is 5.00%.

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