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Deadworld is a zombie apocalypse-inspired Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming in conjunction with Caliber Comics. The walking dead, zombies, comic characters, horror, and sadomasochism are among the themes. 1X2 Gaming has several relatable casino games, including Dark Thirst (May 2015), Halloween Horrors (October 2017), and Blood Bank Scratch. The rival games of Deadworld include Zombie Apocalypse from NetoPlay, Zombie Slot Mania (November 2015) from Spinomenal, and Zombies from NetEnt.

The featured zombies are so deformed such that they could as well be in the world of the dead, which is the inspiration behind the game’s name. In fact, the developer’s game description dares the slot players to brush shoulders with the walking dead zombies and, quite sadistically, to enjoy their bloodied payouts. Apart from the “Wild” zombie that does not require combinations, the other twelve Deadworld symbols need three, four, or five winning combinations.

Deadworld Game Characteristics
Deadworld has a 5X3 grid, six bet per line options, five bet levels, 50 fixed pay lines, and offers between X8 and up to X500 regular payout. The thirteen Deadworld symbols consist of three special symbols and ten ordinary symbols. The special symbols are: a little affected “Wild” female zombie that is dressed in white—it is also the substitute; a “Bonus” decomposing zombie with dark flowing hair—she unlocks the bonus game; and a bony “skeleton” zombie.

The ordinary symbols are: a gun-wielding woman wearing protective clothing; a badly decomposed male zombie wearing a hat; a grimacing zombie in tattered clothes; a tattooed female zombie in a bra and with arms akimbo; a thin female zombie with her left eye popping out of its socket; a dark-haired zombie in an orange sweatshirt and with bloody hands; a healthy gun-wielding Caucasian man dressed in black, and whose right hand is fitted with a bayonet; a big-eyed and bloody-faced male zombie with an Afro hairstyle; a zombie in protective coveralls, a helmet and goggles; and a muscled, clean-shaved zombie carrying a spiked bludgeon.

These bet per line options of Deadworld are: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, and $0.50. The minimum bet of Deadworld is $0.50 while the maximum bet is $125.00. The following are the Deadworld payouts for three, four, and five winning combinations.

The masked gunwoman pays X8, X14, and X20. The decomposed zombie pays X10, X14, and X45. The zombie in tattered clothes pays X12, X24, and X60. The tattooed female zombie pays X12, X26, and X70. The zombie with an eye popping out pays X16, X32, and X80. The zombie dressed in orange pays X16, X36, and X90. The healthy armed Caucasian man pays X20, X40, and X100. The bloody-faced zombie pays X30, X75, and X200. The zombie in protective coveralls pays X40, X150, and X300. The zombie with a bludgeon pays X45, X175, and X400. The decomposing “Bonus” zombie pays X20, X50, and X300. The “skeleton” zombie pays X90, X200, and X500.

Deadworld lacks free games. The highest payout that the players can get from a single pay line is $1250.00. The non-progressive jackpot is $10000.00. The Deadworld software is good, the sound effects are chilling, and the animated 3D graphics are apocalyptic.

Luck in Deadworld
A game of chance, the RTP rate of Deadworld is 94.04% and the house edge is 5.96%.

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