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Gladiator of Rome

Gladiator of Rome, released in June 2015 by 1X2 Gaming, is an ancient Rome-themed video slot that incorporates gladiatorial fights and charioting. Other relatable games from 1X2 Gaming are Legendlore, Thor Stormland, and Gods of Olympus (December 2014). Rival games include Champions of Rome (February 2019), Gladiator (January 2009) from Videobet, and Gladiator (November 2007) from Microgaming.

Gladiator of Rome is a video slot game adaptation of a typical gladiatorial fight that is synonymous with ancient Romans. A gladiator was a male Roman that participated in fights with other men or beasts, particularly in a bloody fight to the death. Apart from the “Bonus” gladiator and the “Wild” sword fighters that lack regular payouts, the other ten Gladiator of Rome symbols require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Gladiator of Rome Game Characteristics
Gladiator of Rome has a 5X3 grid, six coin values, up to 100 automated rounds, up to 30 free games, X1000 maximum regular payout, three win multipliers, and twenty adjustable pay lines. These are the twelve Gladiator of Rome symbols; there are two special symbols and ten ordinary symbols. The special symbols are: the bonus symbol has two bare-chested gladiators amid a sword fight; a multiplier; and the “Wild” and substitute is a yelling bare-chested gladiator wearing a good luck necklace.

The ordinary symbols are: a gladiator who is dressed in black and red and about to impale with his sword; a bare-chested muscled gladiator with a red scarf with his sword positioned behind his shoulder; a golden eagle; a brown shield; a charioteer riding a two-horse chariot (biga); a sword and shield with an emperor’s image embossed on it; an ancient Roman emperor; a blue J on a golden-and-gray shield; a brown Q on a golden-and-gray shield; and a golden K on a golden-and-gray shield.

Gladiator of Rome has these coin values: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, and $0.50. There are five bet levels (coins 1 to 5). Players can choose 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 automated spins, or specify the actual number of spins. The minimum bet is $0.01 while the maximum bet is $100.00.

The following are the Gladiator of Rome payouts three, four, or five winning combinations. The gladiator dressed in black and red pays X8, X40, and X140. The bare-chested gladiator with a red scarf pays X10, X50, and X180. The golden eagle offers X15, X60, and X220. The brown shield gives X20, X75, and X260.

The chariot pays X40, X120, and X400. The sword/shield pays X55, X180, and X750. The emperor pays X70, X250, and X1000. J pays X5, X20, and X80. Q pays X6, X25, and X100. K pays X7, X30, and X120. Gladiator of Rome has three ranges of free spins, which are triggered by three “Bonus” symbols: between 1 and 10 free games trigger the X1 win multiplier; between 11 and 20 free games trigger X2 win multiplier; and between 21 and 30 free games trigger the X3 win multiplier. The jackpot of Gladiator of Rome is $22500.00.

The Gladiator of Rome software is good. The sound effects include clashing swords and shields, while the theme song is Broken (2011) by Celestial Aeon Project.

Luck in Gladiator of Rome
A game of chance, the RTP rate of Gladiator of Rome is 94.20% and the house edge is 5.80%.

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