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European Poker Tour(EPT) Information, History

In 2004, in response to the growing popularity of Texas Hold’em, The European Poker Tour (also known as EPT) was created. The EPT is the largest annual European poker tournament which consists of series of broadcasted poker tournaments and is very similar to WPT (World Poker Tour). The EPT is now in its sixth season with twelve tournaments this season alone. The tournaments are held all over Europe including Kyiv, Barcelona, London, Warsaw and Prague.

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The EPT is smaller the World Poker Tour (WPT), but due to increased popularity of the tournament and lack of space in sponsoring casinos, the buy-ins had to be increased to $10,000 which is equal to those of the WPT. Another significant difference between the two Tours is that EPT’s final table is made up of eight players, while WPT allows just six final table players.

The European Poker Tour is sponsored and owned by Pokerstars.

Here’s and interesting fact about the EPT: In March of 2010 four masked men, armed with knives and at least one hand gun robbed an EPT event in Berlin. According to the authoritys, the robbers got away with €242,000. No one was seriously injured, only one guard got a minor cut while trying to detain one of the robbers. The panic which gripped the crowd was briefly captured on the live webcast before the camera cut away. The attackers were caught several days after the robbery and later convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.

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Additional European Poker Tour Questions:

What’s the difference between WTP and EPT?

When it comes down to the poker there is very little different really. Poker is poker and no language barriers will stop you from enjoying and understanding the game.

The number of total events is a major difference between WPT and EPT. In 2013 the EPT had only 8 events where the WPT had 24. So to win the EPT is much harder to do. Some would argue that the EPT is an easier tour to play in thanks to the number of online players but in my opinion online Poker players are so good these days that I think its actually harder to win than the WPT.

The final table in the EPT has 8 players where the WPT is 6, which will greatly effect the style of play thanks to the two extra players. The EPT always has a high number of players for their main events, usually more than 800 people. The WPT has significantly less players for their main event on average with some nights having less than 200 players.

Originally the buy in was less in the EPT than in the WPT, about half the amount, but organizers fixed this in 2004 so now the buy ins for both events is about the same.

There has never been a player win the EPT more than once but there have been several players win the WPT multiple times. That is really an incredible statistic and speaks to how hard it is to win at the EPT.

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