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Great Gems

About Great Gems
Great Gems is a May 2019 gem-inspired non-payline Internet casino game designed by Cayetano Gaming. The themes in Great Gems include jewelry, precious stones, and gemstone mine. Cayetano’s other gem-branded slots: Gem Blast (January 2018) and Nudging Gems (April 2014). Cayetano’s other relatable games: Diamond Rush (November 2018), Diamond Dice, Mrs and Mrs Diamonds (March 2017), Lucky Mine (March 2019), and 7 Dwarf’s Diamonds (November 2014).

Great Gems has numerous rival games such as Gem Rocks (February 2018) from Yggdrasil, Gem Drop (November 2015) from Play’n GO, and Gemstatic (January 2019) from Red Tiger Gaming. The name “Great Gems” refers to the gems that get enlarged randomly throughout the spins. The Great Gems players require three, four, and five winning combinations.

Great Gems Game Characteristics
Great Gems has a translucent 5X4 grid, neither bet nor win multipliers, twelve symbols, no bonus games, 1024 winning ways (wins based on similar gems located side by side on the grid), no free games, autoplay rounds, and lowly regular payouts that range from X0.2 to X8.

The Great Gems symbols comprise of a lone special symbol and eleven ordinary symbols. The special symbol is a gold-framed “wild” (substitute) blue-and-purple diamond. The ordinary symbols: a riveted gold-framed octagonal red gem; a riveted gold-framed hexagonal purple gem; riveted silver-framed princess-cut gold; a silver-framed trillion-cut jade; a silver-framed blue diamond; a purple-and-cyan hexagonal gem; an orange hexagonal gem; a pink hexagonal gem; a yellow princess-cut gem; a trillion-cut gem; and a blue diamond.

Great Gem’s starting page displays its two special features— gem-enlarging “extender” and big gems-oriented “senior reels”. The Great Gems total stakes, which befits low-rollers, are: $1.00 (minimum bet), $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, and $10.00 (maximum bet).

The Great Gems payouts for three, four, and five winning combinations: “wild” diamond pays X2, X3.2, and X8; red-and-golden gem pays X2, X2.4, and X4; purple-and-golden gem pays X1.6, X2, and X2.8; silver-framed gold pays X1.4, X1.8, and X2.6; silver-framed jade pays X1.2, X1.6, and X2.4; silver-framed blue diamond pays X0.6, X1.2, and X2.2; a cyan-and-purple gem pays X0.6, X1.2, and X2; orange gem pays X0.4, X0.8, and X1.8; pink gem pays X0.4, X0.6, and X1.6; yellow diamond pays X0.2, X0.4, and X1.4; trillion-cut jade pays X0.2, X0.4, and X1.2; and blue diamond pays X0.2, X0.4, and X1.

The “extender” feature is all about one randomly selected gem getting big and covering between one cell and the whole grid. During the “senior reels” comprises of a spin wherein low-paying gems do not appear during outcomes to boost winning chances. Under “help” icon, the highlighted highest bet multiplier is X8100.00; therefore, the non-progressive jackpot of Great Gems ($10.00 X8100) is $810000.00.

Great Gems has a good software, with an organized interface. “Balance” icon is at top right; on/off sound, fullscreen mode, and drop-down menu (paytable and help) are at top left; “total stake” at bottom left; spin and autoplay (10-100 rounds with $20.00 to $20000.00 loss limit) at bottom right. The sound effects include explosive sounds, crackly, and falling debris. The animated 3D graphics is a blend of glistening, exploding gems and blast waves rocking the huge blue gemstone boulders in the background.

Luck in Great Gems
Great Gems is a game of chance whose RTP rate is 94.63% and the house edge is 5.37%.

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