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The Great Wild

The Great Wild (2019) is a Cayetano Games-owned video slot; Red Tiger Gaming distributes it. Themes include elegance, classic automobiles, jewelry, visual arts, architectural style, merrymaking, playing card suits, and fireworks show. Other Wild-themed games from Cayetano Games include Fruit Stack Super Double Wild (2018), Wild Stars, Dragon Wild, Egyptian Wilds, Jousting Wilds, Totems Wild, Wild Bugs, Wild Egypt, and Wild Sheriff. Rival games include Deco Diamonds (January 2018) from JFTW, Reels Royce from Microgaming, and Wild Neon from Push Gaming.

The slot’s name “The Great Wild” is based on the special symbol called Mr Great that unlocks a wild bonus round. Two of The Great Wild’s symbols (the Grand Wheel and the classic automobiles) require 3+ combinations; while twelve symbols (three people, necklace, wristwatch, ring, champagne bottle, cocktail glass, and four playing card suits) three, four, or five winning combinations.

The Great Wild Game Characteristics

The Great Wild has a golden-lined brown 5X3 grid, fourteen symbols, hiding and locking symbols, twenty fixed pay lines, free re-spins, lots of bet multipliers with up to X1000, and regular payouts that range from X5 and X1000.

The Great Wild symbols comprise of five special symbols and nine ordinary symbols. The.special symbols are: a golden-and-black “grand wheel” that unlocks the grand wheel bonus; side by side classic black-and-golden Rolls Royce model with lights on; a champagne-holding “Mr. Great” dressed in yellow; and two Wilds (golden-haired and red-haired beauties).

The ordinary symbols: a gem-encased necklace; a blue-and-golden wristwatch, a green gem-encased ring; a bottle of iced champagne; a white cosmopolitan cocktail glass with a beaded necklace; a golden spades suit; a red-and-golden hearts suit; a purple-and-golden diamonds suit; and a blue-and-golden clubs suit.

On loading, The Great Wild displays its four special features (also bonus rounds) namely: 3-level grand wheel with bronze, silver and golden wheels of Fortune that have numerous bet multipliers of up to X1000; Wilds Flapper Party where Mr. Great fully covers the central reel; classic cars collection that gives free re-spins; and lucky nudges where the central reel is repositioned to guarantee wins. Pressing “start” directs to the interface.

The bet icon at bottom right shows these The Great Wild stakes: $0.20 (minimum); $0.40; $0.60; $0.80; $1.00; $2.00; $3.00; $4.00; $6.00; $8.00; $10.00; $20.00; $40.00; $60.00; $80.00; and $100.00 (maximum).

The Great Wild payouts for three, four, and five winning combinations: Mr Great, or the two Wilds pay X100, X400,and X1000; necklace pays X25, X75, and X300; the wristwatch pays X20, X50, and X200; ring pays X15, X40, and X180; champagne bottle X10, X35, and X150; cocktail glass pays X9, X30, and X130; spades suit pays X8, X25, and X100; hearts suit pays X7, X20, and X75; diamonds suit pays X6, X15, and X60; and clubs suit pays X5, X10, and X50.

The Great Wild’s non-progressive jackpot is $100.00 X1100, which amounts to $110000.00.

The Great Wild software is good. It has a drop-down menu (for paytable and help) and on/off sound at top left. Stake icon is at bottom right. The autoplay and spin icons (swiping down the grid also makes it spin) are at bottom left; autoplay can be based on total spins (10, 20, 50, and 100) or loss limit of $20.00 to $200000.00. The sound effects include chattering merrymakers, while the theme song reminds of Fingerprints (2018) by Stefan Erbe. The twinkling grid aside; the 3D graphics prominently feature classic Rolls Royce automobiles and art deco, synonymous with the roaring twenties time frame.

Luck in The Great Wild

The Great Wild is a game of chance; its RTP rate is 94.31% and its house edge is 5.69%.

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