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Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is a November 2018 underground mining-inspired video slot designed by Cayetano Gaming. Themes: ore deposits, host rocks, minerals, treasure chest, dwarves, gemstones, ore extraction, and smelting. Lucky Mine (March 2019) is another mining-themed slot game from Cayetano Gaming; however, the developer’s portfolio has lots of gem-themed games, including: Mr and Mrs Diamonds (March 2017), Fruit Stack Locked Gold, 7 Dwarf’s Diamond (November 2014), Diamond Dice, Nudging Gems (April 2014), and Dragon’s Wild (July 2018). Diamond Rush’s rival games include: Diamond Express (January 2015) from Magnet Gaming, Gold Rush (June 2016) from Playson, and Jewel Mine (February 2017) from Playtech.

This slot’s name is borrowed from the noun “Diamond Rush”, which refers to a dash towards a recently discovered diamond mine. One symbol (happy dwarf) appears once. One symbol (“FREE SPINS”) needs three combinations. Nineteen symbols (dwarves reel, three standalone dwarves, pickax reel, pickax, molten gold reel, molten gold, green diamond reel, green diamond, pink gem reel, pink gem, blue gem reel, blue gem, A, K, Q, J, and 10) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Diamond Rush Game Characteristics

Diamond Rush has a white 5X3 grid whose brown frame is secured with strap plates. It has twenty-two symbol wins, four sets of fixed pay lines, four wilds, four substitutes, expandable symbols during free games, triple stacked symbols, and regular payouts ranging from X10 to X1000.

The Diamond Rush symbols consist of seven special symbols and fifteen ordinary symbols. The special symbols consist of two random symbols, one free spin-offering symbol, and four wild symbols. Random symbols: light green dragon with its mouth opened wide; and a bomb-throwing and smiling orange-bearded holding bombs. A purple-and-golden heptagon offers the free games. The four Wilds/substitutes: a golden-haired dwarf with a mining headlamp; a smiling orange-bearded dwarf; a blue-bearded dwarf with goggles; a triple stacked reel.

The ordinary symbols are: a golden pickax; a golden pickax reel over a golden treasure chest; chained molten gold; molten gold reel; green diamond; triple stacked green diamonds reel; pink gem; triple stacked pink diamonds reel; blue gem; triple stacked blue gems reel; red-and-golden A; orange-and-golden K; purple-and-golden Q; blue-and-golden J; and green-and-golden 10.

Diamond Rush’s starting pages shows its three best features: little dragon big wins; free spins mega reels; and happy dwarf bombs.

The eighteen Diamond Rush bet sizes: $0.20 (minimum), $0.40, $0.60, $80.00, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, $60.00, $80.00, $100.00, $200.00, and $300.00 (maximum).

The Diamond Rush are the payouts for three, four and five winning combinations. “WILD” dwarves reel, or any standalone “WILD” dwarf pays X90, X600, and X1000; pickax reel, or pickax pays X55, X200, and X600; molten gold, or molten gold reel pays X50, X100, and X400; green diamond, or green diamond reel pays X45, X90, and X200; a pink gem, or pink gem reel pays X40, X80, and X160; blue gem, or blue gem reel pays X35, X70, and X140; A pays X30, X60, and X120; K pays X25, X50, and X100; Q pays X20, X40, and X80; J pays X15, X30, and X60; and 10 pays X10, X20, and X40.

Diamond Rush’s four sets of pay lines: 20 fixed pay lines during the regular mode; and 30 or 40 or 50 fixed pay lines during the free games, depending with the number of stacked symbols on the reels.

The small dragon unlocks the bet multipliers-related big wins that can reach $300.00 X50–$15000.00. The bomb-throwing dwarf is associated with exploding winnings. Three “FREE SPINS” heptagons offer free games that come with expandable symbols, batches of ten extra pay lines, and triple stacked special symbols. Diamond Rush’s non-progressive jackpot is $300.00 X1200–$360000.00.

The Diamond Rush software may differ from one casino operator to another. Example: there is a model allowing $60.00 max bet. The 100 max autoplay rounds can be capped at $20000.00 loss limit. The animated 3D graphics include chuckling dwarves, glistening gems, gold casting, dragon vomiting molten gold, falling crushed ore during ore dressing, and the colorful gems scattered around the fragmented host rock where the grid is embedded. The sound effects include a noisy minecart, prying pickax, and rocking belt conveyor system.

Luck in Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is a game of chance; the RTP rate is 94.53% and the house edge is 5.47%.

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