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Reels of Egypt

About Reels of Egypt
Reels of Egypt is a March 2019 Cayetano-owned video slot that revisits dynastic Egypt through the lens of space age. Themes: space faring ancient Egyptians, space science, futurism, hieroglyphs, Egyptian gods, Egypt’s Old Kingdom, and monumental structures. Cayetano has also designed other Egypt-themed slots, including: Wild Egypt (October 2016), Egyptian Wilds (December 2015), Pyramid Gold (October 2016), and Sphinx Gold (January 2017). Rival games include: Eye of Horus (September 2016) from Real Time Gaming, Ancient Egypt (February 2018) from Pragmatic Play, and Pyramids of Giza (October 2018) from Barcrest.

The name “Reels of Egypt” pays homage to the featured Egyptian symbolism. Two symbols (winged sun disk and blue pyramid frame) appear once to unlock their respective bonuses. However, eight symbols (pharaoh, scarab beetle, jackal god, Eye of Horus, Ankh cross, and three unique pyramids) require three winning combinations.

Reels of Egypt Game Characteristics
Reels of Egypt has two grids placed side by side, five fixed pay lines, wins-multiplying reel, bonus rounds, nudge feature, two sets of win multipliers, one batch of free games, and ten major symbols. Its regular payouts range from X3 to X500.

Situated centrally on the interface; the main grid is translucent, cyan-colored, and measures 3X3. Located to the right of the main grid; the extra grid is simply a purple translucent 1X2 reel (called Ad Hoc Reel) with golden margins and is fitted with a golden arrow pointer on either side.

Reels of Egypt major symbols comprise of three special symbols and seven ordinary symbols. The special symbols: a golden-and-red “free spins” winged sun disk that unlocks seven free games; a multicolored “bonus” pyramid frame; and a blue-and-golden “wild” (substitute) 18th dynasty pharaoh’s stature. (The two minor special symbols: golden-and-purple pyramid and ten tiny blue pyramids)

The ordinary symbols: a green, golden, blue, and red scarab beetle’s stature; an ornamented gold-eared, gold-eyed purple jackal god Anubis; a golden, red, and blue Eye of Horus; a predominantly golden Ankh cross; three golden-tipped purple pyramids of Giza; two lavender-tipped mint green pyramids; and a lone blue pyramid.

After Reels of Egypt loads, it showcases its three special features: seven free games; space pyramids bonus whose maximum random win multiplier is X1000; and the Ad Hoc Bonus Reel that is associated with win multipliers, nudged wins, and free games-related extra win multipliers.

Reels of Egypt’s bet sizes: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, and $60.00 (maximum bet).

The Reels of Egypt payouts for three winning combinations: “WILD” pharaoh pays X500; scarab beetle offers X100; jackal god Anubis has X50; Eye of Horus pays X20; Ankh cross offers X10; triple pyramids pay X7; paired pyramids offer X5; and lone pyramid offers X3.

Ad Hoc Bonus Reel’s win multipliers can reach X5, but this extra reel can prompt special free games whose win multipliers can reach X20. Whenever the blue “bonus” pyramid frame unlocks the space pyramids bonus round, three out of ten multipliers (X5, X10, X15, X20, X25, X30, X35, X40, X50, and X1000) are randomly selected then added up. The sum of the three multipliers is the total win multiplier; the biggest bonus multiplier, called Divine Win, is X1000. Reels of Egypt’s non-progressive jackpot, as stated under “help” section, is $60.00 X32000, which is $192,000.00.

Reels of Egypt’s software is good, with a neat interface. The stake icon is at bottom left; autoplay (optional rounds: 10, 20, 50, and 100; loss limit can be capped between $20.00 and $20000.00) and spin icons are at bottom right; and on/off sound icon and drop-down menu (paytable and help) are at top right. The rhythmic sounds (reminds of Sam Lachow/Nacho Picasso’s 2018 song Albino Rhino) consist of identifiable diverse ancient Egyptian music instruments. The 3D animated graphics include pyramid-inspired spacecraft, realistic dusty pyramids, glittering purple universe on the starting page, and alien planets in the background.

Luck in Reels of Egypt
A game of chance, Reels of Egypt’s RTP rate is 94.43% and the house edge is 5.57%.

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