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Treasure of Seti

The ancient Egyptian chaotic sky god Menmaatre Seti—born by Ramesses 1; from 12-13th centuries BCE—is the basis for the Betixon-owned December 2018 video slot Treasure of Seti. Armana Glory (November 2019) and Queen of Sheba (October 2019) are relatable.

The Secret of Holmes

The developer Betixon’s investigative December 2019 video slot The Secret of Holmes is an adaptation of the 1988/9 drama “The Secret of Holmes”; the playwright Jeremy Paul based it on the fictitious private detective Sherlock Holmes originally conceptualized in 1887 … Continue reading

The Sakura Legend

Designed by Betixon, the December 2018 video slot The Sakura Legend is an adaptation of—and named after—a feudal Japan-era romantic tale depicting the girly cherry blossom tree Sakura’s empathy towards Yohiro, a hope-symbolizing tree whose blossomless fate had a two-decade-long … Continue reading

The Glorious Sensei

The Japanese traditional martial arts and shodo calligraphy are thematized in The Glorious Sensei, an oriental October 2019 video slot from games developer Betixon. “Sensei” is a Japanese-style martial arts trainer.

Tales of Alvara

The Italian word “Alvara” means an elf warrior, which is a reference to the three featured female elves in the June 2015 game Tales of Alvara whose developer is Betixon. Elora’s Quest (August 2019), Boots of Luck (December 2018), and … Continue reading

Sugar Shock

Sugar Shock is a confectionary—alongside Wild Fudge (January 2019)—September 2019 video slot from developer Betixon. The symbolized candies require three to 13 clustered vertical and/or horizontal combinations, which pay from X2 to X400.

Sir Donkey

The games developer Betixon has adapted the February 2019 video slot Sir Donkey from the 1605/1615 book “Don Quixote” by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes; particularly, it is from the windmill scenario where the character Sancho Panza—a right-handman riding a … Continue reading

Rockabilly Buzzin

The dancing-related April 2022 game Rockabilly Buzzin is an adaptation of the rockabilly—part country music, part rock & roll—music subcategory. A slang, “Buzzin” means ecstatic or good. Its developer Betixon’s game Rio Nights (January 2019) is relatable.

Robin the Decent

The Betixon-owned October 2019 video slot Robin the Decent is an adaptation of the archery and swordsmanship skills attributed to Robin Hood, an English bandit whose Merry Men gang allegedly gifted the underprivileged with—or forcefully refunded their—money from the taxman.

Rio Nights

A nightly Brazilian Carnival in the Rio de Janeiro City—thus the Rio Nights title—inspired this January 2019 video slot from Betixon. Themes: Brazilian dance, neon signage, merrymaking, card values, musical instruments, cocktail, and Lent season.

Reign of Zeus

Sky god Zeus—among the twelve Olympian deities in ancient Greek—is the basis for the mythological June 2020 video slot Reign of Zeus whose developer Betixon’s July 2021 game Phoenix Ashes is similar.

Pig of Luck

Pig of Luck is an oriental February 2019 video slot from Betixon whose other piggy games are Lucky Pig (September 2019) and Piggy Gangsters (January 2020). Themes: new year celebrations, Hanzi writing, personification, Chinese culture, and Feng Shui ideology.

Phoenix Ashes

The July 2021 video slot Phoenix Ashes is an adaptation of (after self-cremation) the self-resurrecting bird Phoenix, a mythological fiery creature. Related to ancient Egyptian Sun god Ra; this ancient Greek sun representation thematizes immortality and rebirth. Other themes: fantasy … Continue reading

Lucid Fruits: PowerupSpins

On June 27, 2022, Betixon launched its latest retro video slot Lucid Fruits: PowerupSpins that relates to the fruity developer’s 20 Slice Fruits (October 2016). Its classic slot symbols require three/four/five-of-a-kind in its 20 fixed rightward winning ways to pay … Continue reading

Wild Fudge

The confectionary January 2019 video slot Wild Fudge, from developer Betixon, has themes such as cookies, chocolates, card values, and cakes. The name-inspiring “wild” cake is a fudge—a creamy, sugared, and buttered confection.

Safari Dreams

The January 2019 video slot Safari Dreams was developed by Betixon whose similar games include Buffalo Dust (May 2022) and Wild Wolf (February 2019).

Russian New Year

Russian New Year is a merrymaking December 2017 video slot from developer Betixon whose game Great India (March 2020) is also country-specific. Themes: festive season, elegance, gifting, card values, and Russian architecture.

Pirates of Graveland

Romanticized death, piracy, card suits, treasure, and sea-faring are the themes of the January 2019 video slot Pirates of Graveland. Its developer Betixon’s suchlike games: the personified Piggy Gangsters (January 2020), Viking pirates-related Age of Halvar (June 2020), and real … Continue reading

Piggy Gangsters

The January 2020 video slot Piggy Gangsters’ developer Betixon has two other pig-based games—Pig of Luck (February 2019) and Lucky Pig (September 2019). Its title refers to the three symbolized and personified pigs: a piggy thief, piggy police officer, and … Continue reading


Developed by Betixon, the marine December 2019 video slot Octopia’s title is a communal reference to the three featured octopuses. Themes: treasure, card values, marine animals, and personification. Three to five-of-a-kind resulting from nine symbols (purple octopus, green octopus, orange … Continue reading

Market Wonders

The Arabian culture, Arabic typography, treasure, and card values are thematized in the Betixon’s December 2018 video slot Market Wonders that relates to the developer’s March 2020 game Great India. Market Wonders has two special and nine ordinary symbols; ten … Continue reading

Great India

The March 2020 video slot Great India thematizes Indian culture, luxury and card suits. Its developer Betixon’s other game Market Wonders (December 2018) relates to Great India whose nine of its eleven symbols require three to five-of-a-kind.

Golden Mayan

The Betixon-owned Mesoamerican December 2018 video slot Golden Mayan is in the “Golden” gaming line alongside Golden Era (December 2018). This adaptation of the Central American Maya culture—themes: Mayan folk religion/mythology, Native American, and card values—thematically relates to Fortune Spirits … Continue reading

Golden Era

Golden Era is a Chinese dynasty-inspired video slot whose developer Betixon launched it on December 20, 2018. It is in the two-game “Golden” series whose only other game is Golden Maya (December 2018).

Gold Nuggets

Games developer Betixon’s video slot Gold Nuggets was launched in January 2019. Named after the featured raw gold in situ; this gold extraction-inspired game is thematically similar to its developer’s Gemonex (December 2018), Mines of Glory (March 2020), and Gem … Continue reading

Fortune Spirits

The Mesoamerican culture is the basis for the January 2019 video slot Fortune Spirits. Its developer Betixon has another Native America-inspired game, titled Golden Mayan (December 2018). Minimalistic lifestyle, nomadism, card values, totems, and tribal decorations are the themes in … Continue reading

Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf is a February 2019 video slot developed by Betixon. It is in the two-game “Wild” series, alongside Wild Fudge (January 2019). Themes: mysticism, animals, neon, statuettes, fantasy, and card suits.

Vampire Call

Vampire Call is a vampiric video slot designed by Betixon. Launched on November 18, 2019; similar games from the games developer include Cabaret Dancing Bones (November 2019), Diabolic Throw (August 2019), Royal Kingdom (January 2019), Pirates of Graveland (January 2019), … Continue reading

Royal Kingdom

Royal Kingdom is a monarchical video slot launched on January 1, 2019, by its designer Betixon whose other empire-based games include Armana Glory (September 2019) and Treasure of Seti (December 2018). Themes: mythology, fantasy, card suits, and royal family. All … Continue reading

Mines of Glory

The mining-inspired March 2020 video slot Mines of Glory’s developer Betixon operates other suchlike games, including Gold Nuggets (January 2019), Gem Fishing (September 2019), and Gemonex (December 2018).

Fortune Guardians

Fortune Guardians is an oriental February 2019 video slot in the Fortune series, alongside: Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel (July 2021), Fortune Breakers: Chapter One (September 2021), and Fortune Breakers: Instant Win (September 2021).

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel is a warring July 2021 video slot from developer Betixon. It is in a series also containing the sequels titled Fortune Breakers: Chapter One (September 2021) and Fortune Breakers: Instant Win (card game; September 2021)—the … Continue reading

Expedition: PowerupSpins

On November 11, 2021, the games developer Betixon launched its space-faring video slot Expedition: PowerupSpins whose themes include space exploration, celestial bodies, card values, neon signage, science fiction, space age, and retrofuturism.

Elora’s Quest

Elora’s Quest is an August 2019 video slot named after the mythical Greek princess Elara, sired by King Orchomenus and who mothered the gigantic Tityus following her extramarital affair with the sky god Zeus.

Dragon Hunters

In its video slot Dragon Hunters—launched on December 20, 2018—games developer Betixon fantasizes about an elderly Viking warrior and a juvenile child hunting down a dragon. Themes: Viking Age, fantasy, card values, and mythology.

Cirque De Fous

In its carnival-based January 2019 video slot Cirque De Fous, the games developer Betixon explores themes such as circus, vintage signage, personalized animals, amusement, weapons, and card game. The French words “cirque”, “de”, “fous” mean “circus”, “of”, and crazy”, respectively. … Continue reading

Christmas Tales

Christmas Tales is a December 2018 festivity video slot from games developer Betixon whose other relatable games include Tales of Alvara, Rio Nights (January 2019), Russian New Year (December 2017). Themes: Christmastime decorations, gifts, and candy stick-like card values. All … Continue reading

Chicken Ninja

Chicken Ninja is a martial arts-inspired video slot whose developer Betixon released it in May 2020. Named after its symbolic chicken skilled in the Japanese Ninjutsu fighting technique; other themes include card values, personification, nunchaku fighting, and sword fighting.

Buffalo Dust

Buffalo Dust is a bison-inspired—despite the title—video slot from developer Betixon, which launched it on May 3, 2022. Betixon’s suchlike games include Wild Wolf (February 2019) and Safari Dreams (January 2019). Themes: American wildlife and card suits. All symbols require … Continue reading

Boots of Luck

Games provider Betixon launched its video slot Boots of Luck in December 2018. Alternatively titled 1XBoots of Luck, this slot adaptation of the lucky leprechaun is synonymous with the Irish mythology, luck, gold, superstition, and Celtic knots-patterned card suits.

Book of Sheba

The Book of Sheba is an October 2019 Biblical video slot whose developer Betixon’s similar games include Treasure of Seti (December 2018) and Amarna Glory (November 2019 card game). The title “Book of Sheba” has a quasi-Biblical background associated with … Continue reading

Age of Halvar

Age of Halvar is a Nordic video slot game developed Betixon. Launched on June 20, 2020; its themes include Viking Age, flints, and card suits. Other relatable Betixon-owned games are Dragon Hunters (December 2018) and the Fortune Breakers series.

Queen of Dead

The Mexican festival called Dia de los Muertos—or Day of the Dead; held around early November—is the basis for the January 2019 video slot Queen of Dead. Themes: commemoration, offerings, skeletons, card values, and remembrance paraphernalia and related decorations.

Lucky 3

The oriental January 2019 video slot Lucky 3’s themes include Feng Shui ideology, Hanzi writing, card values, and Chinese mythology and zodiac. The developer Betixon’s other luck-branded games: Boots of Luck (December 2018), Pig of Luck (February 2019), Lucky Green … Continue reading

Hollywood Pets

Hollywood Pets is a pet-inspired January 2019 video slot game developed by Betixon. Elegance, posh American neighborhood, card values, gemstones, and jewelry are some of the themes in Hollywood Pets whose eleven (out of twelve) fancy symbols regularly pay from … Continue reading


Gemonex is a gem-oriented video slot whose developer Betixon launched it on December 20, 2018. The developer’s other three similar games: Mines of Glory (March 2020), Gem Fishing (September 2019), and Gold Nuggets (January 2019).

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