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Dragon Hunters

In its video slot Dragon Hunters—launched on December 20, 2018—games developer Betixon fantasizes about an elderly Viking warrior and a juvenile child hunting down a dragon. Themes: Viking Age, fantasy, card values, and mythology.

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Dragon Hunters’ ten symbols (axes, dragon, juvenile child, elderly Viking, A, K, J, Q, 9, and 10) have a three to five combinational requirement.

Dragon Hunters Game Characteristic

Dragon Hunters’ features: eleven symbols, seven total bets, X5 to X500 regular payouts, ordinary-turned-wild symbols, (extra) free games, and win multiplier.

Dragon Hunters has a frameless 5X3 grid whose flimsy orange partitions blend in with its rocky background, consisting of a stairway ascending into the dragon’s fiery-and-purplish den. Its 30 rightward pay lines are fixed.

Dragon Hunters’ total bets: $0.30 (minimum), $0.60, $1.50, $3.00, $7.50, $15.00, and $30.00 (maximum). Dragon Hunters has two special symbols and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substitute is a pair of crisscrossing “wild” Viking battle axes; and the free games-triggering scatter is a military flail.

Ordinary symbols: purple dragon; ax-wielding blonde juvenile hunter; ax-wielding muscled, bald and bearded elderly Viking hunter; and gothic blue A, K, J, Q, 9, and 10.

Below are the Dragon Hunters’ payouts.

Three 9 pay X5, four 9 pay X25, and five 9 pay X50.
Three 10 pay X10, four 10 pay X25, and five 10 pay X50.
Three J pay X10, four J pay X50, and five J pay X100.
Three Q pay X15, four Q pay X75, and five Q pay X150.
Three K pay X15, four K pay X75, and five K pay X150.
Three A pay X20, four A pay X100, and five A pay X200.
Three elderly Vikings pay X20, four elderly Vikings pay X100, and five elderly Vikings pay X200.
Three juvenile hunters pay X25, four juvenile hunters pay X150, and five juvenile hunters pay X300.
Three dragons pay X30, four dragons pay X200, and five dragons pay X350.
Three crisscrossing axes pay X50, four crisscrossing axes pay X300, and five crisscrossing axes pay X500.

An ordinary symbol can be transformed into “wild” axes at random. 3+ “scatter” flails offer ten wins-tripling free games. Also, the landed become total bet multipliers. Therefore, three flails (3X total bet) pay: $0.90, $1.80, $4.50, $9.00, $22.50, $45.00, and $90.00.

Four flails (4X total bet) pay: $1.20, $2.40, $6.00, $12.00, $30.00, $60.00, and $120.00. Five flails (5X total bet) pay: $1.50, $3.00, $7.50, $15.00, $37.50, $75.00, and $150.00. Dragon Hunters has a maximum X500 win, or (500X30) a $15000 non-progressive jackpot.

Dragon Hunters is a HTML5 game, with: mobile and desktop versions; full screen; and 5/10/15/25/50 automated rounds, with stop after win/loss limits. Languages: Greek, German, Italian, French, Romanian, Swedish, Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, English, Lithuanian, and Spanish.

Sounds: ambient dark gothic music; and chinking, swishing, popping, blast, retro, ringing, and rustling effects. The animated 3D graphics: dolly zooming, flipping axes and flail, and burning axes.

Luck in Dragon Hunters

A game of luck, Dragon Hunters’ RTP rate and house edge are unknown.

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