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Expedition: PowerupSpins

On November 11, 2021, the games developer Betixon launched its space-faring video slot Expedition: PowerupSpins whose themes include space exploration, celestial bodies, card values, neon signage, science fiction, space age, and retrofuturism.

The Expedition: PowerupSpins’ has an otherworldly plot. Nine of the game’s ten symbols (explorer, ▲ sign, radiation sign, ◙ sign, starry sign, A, K, J, and Q) require three, or four or five winning combinations.

Expedition: PowerupSpins Game Characteristic

Expedition: PowerupSpins has 20 fixed winning lines that pay from left to right, seven total bets, from X10 to X100 regular payouts, win multipliers, random wilds, one-off free games, boosted spins, and expandable symbols.

Expedition: PowerupSpins has an unpartitioned 5X3 grid. The navy-blue grid has a striped purple frame. There are contours of close-up and distantly celestial bodies and blobs of light in the purple background.

The Expedition: PowerupSpins’ total bets: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 (maximum bet). Its symbols consist of one special and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbol: the
substituting wild is a golden “W” circle-inscribed square.

Ordinary symbols: an impassive square-faced purple-lit woman; hexagonal-framed black-and-periwinkle▲ sign; hexagonal black-and-green ionizing radiation sign; hexagonal black-and-off white ◙ sign; hexagonal black-and-golden starry sign; and neon orange A, neon cyan K, neon green J, and neon purple Q.

Here are the Expedition: PowerupSpins’s payouts.

Three J or Q pay X10, four J or Q pay X20, and five J or Q pay X30.
Three A or K pay X20, four A or K pay X30, and five A or K pay X40.
Three starry signs pay X30, four starry signs pay X40, and five starry signs pay X50.
Three ◙ signs pay X40, four ◙ signs pay X50, and five ◙ signs pay X60.
Three radiation signs pay X50, four radiation signs pay X60, and five radiation signs pay X70.
Three ▲ signs pay X60, four ▲ signs pay X70, and five ▲ signs pay X80.
Three women pay X70, four women pay X85, and five women pay X100.

Expedition: PowerupSpins has five color-coded cards that prompt its five major special features. Potentially drawn singly or concurrently in the trapezoid display beneath the grid, the cards are: a light green “booster”, purple “expand”, blue “free spins”, golden yellow “multiplier”, and golden brown “random wild W”.

The “random wild W” card also shows the number of wilds to be randomly drawn for one round. The “expand” card displays the designated symbol whose expansion may cover: either or both the second and third reels; and/or either the fourth or fifth reels.

Displayed along the top, from left to right, the: “‣” card shows the awarded free games; the stacked “multiplier” card shows the awarded win multipliers; and the “booster” card prompts several cards concurrently.

The Expedition: PowerupSpins software: JS and HTML5 technologies; mobile/desktop versions, full screen; and available in 14 major languages. Sounds: space ambient music; and screeching, clinking, whirring, swishing, ringing and bleeping effects.

The animated 3D graphics: lightning flashes, fluttering, glittering, dolly zooming, glowing, gushing coins, spinning, blinking sluggish woman, and dispersing blobs.

Luck in Expedition: PowerupSpins

Expedition: PowerupSpins is a game of luck whose RTP rate, house edge and non-progressive jackpot are unknown.

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