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Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf is a February 2019 video slot developed by Betixon. It is in the two-game “Wild” series, alongside Wild Fudge (January 2019). Themes: mysticism, animals, neon, statuettes, fantasy, and card suits.

For regular wins, ten of its symbols (bear statuette, reindeer statuette, squirrel statuette, horse statuette, A, K, Q, J, 9, and 10) must form a three-of-a-kind.

Wild Wolf Game Characteristics

The Wild Wolf’s major features include twelve symbols, free re-spins, four multipliers, bonus game, and seven total bets. Its regular payouts range from X20 to X1000. However, it lacks a substituting wild.

Paying left-to-right, its eight winning ways run: across the top (line 1), across the middle (line 2), and across the bottom (line 3) rows; vertically up the first (line 4), second (line 5) and third (line 6) reels; and diagonally top right to bottom left (line 7), and vice versa (line 8).

Wild Wolf has a stony 3X3 grid, which is set in the entryway of a circular magical portal. The unpartitioned grid’s background comprises of silhouettes of trees in a grassy patch. There is an outline of a distantly mysterious cyan being, resembling a seated buddha, in the portal.

A flying lone bat can be seen through the portal, which is positioned between—and, alongside the grid, blends in with—the surrounding huge leafless trees. There are rose flowers in the foreground of the Wild Wolf’s illuminated purple color scheme.

The Wild Wolf’s total bets are: $0.08 (minimum bet), $0.16, $0.40, $0.80, $2.00, $4.00, and $8.00 (maximum bet).

Wild Wolf has two special symbols and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbols: either three face-painted women or purple wolves can activate the bonus game. Ordinary symbols: red-and-golden bear statuette, green-and-golden reindeer statuette, purple-and-golden squirrel statuette, blue-and-golden horse statuette; and glowing lime A, light green K, purple Q, blue J, purple 9, and purple 10.

The Wild Wolf payouts for three winning combinations: bears pay X1000; reindeers pay X500; squirrels pay X400; horses or A pay X250; K pay X150; Q pay X100; 9 or J pay X50; and 10 pay X20.

Wild Wolf offers free re-spins after each successful combination. The winning symbols disintegrate as they disappear; the three symbols above the winning row are nudged, prompting them to cascade to the row beneath. Thereby, a new set of three symbols is freely drawn.

Wild Wolf has four win multipliers, for any of its two bonus games, namely: X2, X3, X4, and X5. The X1000 maximum win may, factoring in the $8.00 bet, yield the $8000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The Wild Wolf software: JavaScript and HTML5 technologies; mobile and desktop versions; and full screen. The on/off sounds include: ambient classical music; and swishing, jingling, clinking, and growling sound effects.

Wild Wolf is available in 14 languages: German, Japanese, English, Russian, French, Italian, Greek, Indian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, and Russian. The animated 3D graphics include: teeth-baring wolf, gushing coins, and a silhouetted bat flying by.

Luck in Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf is a game of chance whose RTP is 93.98%. The house edge is 6.02%.

Be responsible when gambling.

Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. Know that it should be just for fun and the house always wins.

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