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Mines of Glory

The mining-inspired March 2020 video slot Mines of Glory’s developer Betixon operates other suchlike games, including Gold Nuggets (January 2019), Gem Fishing (September 2019), and Gemonex (December 2018).

Themes: traditional mining, runes, gemstones, and card suits. Mines of Glory lacks pay lines. Instead, all symbols require five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, or 12+ adjoining clusters in vertical and/or horizontal rightward combinations.

Mines of Glory characteristics

Mines of Glory has eleven cascading symbols, a win multiplier during its free games, locked wilds during the free re-spins, seven total bets, and pays from X40 to X400.

The Mines of Glory’s dark purple 7X7 grid is neither partitioned nor framed. It is set in a crude mine that is propped up by huge runic and gem-embedded wooden beams. Illuminated by two vintage lanterns on the right and left margins; the underground mine in the background is fitted with a meandering wooden railroad. It also is strewn with barrels, crystals and mining tools, ranging from shovels and pick axes to wooden carts.

Mines of Glory’s bet sizes: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 (maximum bet).

Mines of Glory’s two special symbols: the substitute is a “wild” vintage lantern; and the free games-activating scatter is a gem-embedded golden yellow shovel.

The nine ordinary symbols: auburn-haired miner, white-haired miner holding a pick ax, mustached brown-haired miner, heart suit-like ruby, spade suit-cut amethyst, diamond suit-cut citrine, club suit-cut sapphire, diamond suit-cut emerald, and club suit-cut pink topaz.

Below are the Mines of Glory’s payouts for five to 12+ winning clusters. Pink club, or green diamond, or blue club suits: five combinations pay X40; six combinations pay X50; seven combinations pay X60; eight combinations pay X70; nine combinations pay X80; ten combinations pay X90; eleven combinations pay X100; and 12+ combinations pay X110.

Golden diamond, purple spade, or heart suits: five combinations pay X60; six combinations pay X70; seven combinations pay X80; eight combinations pay X90; nine combinations pay X100; ten combinations pay X110; eleven combinations pay X120; and 12+ combinations pay X130.

Mustached miner, white-haired miner, or auburn-haired miner: five combinations pay X80; six combinations pay X140; seven combinations pay X180; eight combinations pay X200; nine combinations pay X250; ten combinations pay X300; eleven combinations pay X350; and 12+ combinations pay X400.

A winning cluster vanishes explosively, prompting a free re-spin with newly-cascading symbols that re-occupy the empty spaces. 3+ “scatter” shovels offer five wins-tripling free spins. The Mines of Glory’s non-progressive jackpot is $8000.00.

The HTML5 game Mines of Glory has: mobile and desktop versions; minimalistic interface. Top right: balance. Bottom right: selected bet. The drop-down at top left has a full screen mode, game information, and on/off sounds. It supports 14 languages, namely: English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Indian, Japanese, Swedish, Lithuanian, and Portuguese.

Music background: classical instrumental. Sound effects: clanging and rattling. The animated 3D graphics include: swinging lanterns, gushing coins, and exploding symbols.

Luck in Mines of Glory

Mines of Glory, a game of chance, has unspecified RTP rate and house edge.

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