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Buffalo Dust

Buffalo Dust is a bison-inspired—despite the title—video slot from developer Betixon, which launched it on May 3, 2022. Betixon’s suchlike games include Wild Wolf (February 2019) and Safari Dreams (January 2019). Themes: American wildlife and card suits.

All symbols require three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind or five-of-a-kind.

Buffalo Dust Characteristics

Buffalo Dust has eleven symbols, ten random multipliers, re-triggerable free games, re-spins, ten fixed winning lines, two wilds, sticky and repopulating wild buffalos, from X4 to X100 fixed odds, and seven total bets.

Jagged purplish boulders, showing the Grand Canyon, are in the background of the Buffalo Dust’s double-framed partitioned 5X4 grid made of basswood and cedar. The Wild West-styled purple grid is fitted with off white bison horns, where the assigned multipliers are displayed.

The Buffalo Dust’s total bets: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $2.50, $5.00, and $10.00 (maximum).

Buffalo Dust has three special and eight ordinary symbols.

Special symbols: the substitute is a golden “wild” Grand Canyon; the free games activator is a starry bison-embedded golden “scatter” coin; and the transformed wild is a golden American bison.
Ordinary symbols: gray wolf; bald eagle; and pointy wooden orange-and-golden A, indigo-and-golden K, purple-and-golden Q, green-and-golden J, golden 10, and brown-and-golden 9.

The Buffalo Dust’s fixed odds are as follows.

Three 9 pay X4, four 9 pay X6, and five 9 pay X8.
Three 10 pay X6, four 10 pay X8, and five 10 pay X10.
Three Q or J pay X8, four Q or J pay X10, and five Q or J pay X12.
Three K pay X10, four K pay X12, and five K pay X14.
Three A pay X14, four A pay X16, and five A pay X18.
Three eagles pay X20, four eagles pay X30, and five eagles pay X40.
Three wolves pay X30, four wolves pay X40, and five wolves pay X50.

Three eagles pay X20; three wolves pay X30; three ‘A’ pay X14; three ‘K’ pay X10; three ‘Q’’ pay X8; three ‘J’ pay X8; three ‘10’ pay X6; three ‘9’ pay X4; three buffalos pay X60.

Four eagles pay X30; four wolves pay X40; four ‘A’ pay X16; four ‘K’ pay X12; four ‘Q’ pay X10; four ‘J’ pay X10; four ‘10’ pay X8; four ‘9’ pay X6; four buffalos pay X80.

Five eagles pay X40; five wolves pay X50; five ‘A’ pay X18; five ‘K’ pay X14; five ‘Q’ pay X12; five ‘J’ pay X12; five ‘10’ pay X10; five ‘9’ pay X8; five buffalos pay X100. Three bison pay X60, four bison pay X80, and five bison pay X100.

3+ coins offer five free games accompanied by up to X10 randomly-assigned win multipliers (the cells between the horns progressively open to show any awarded multiplier), and where the drawn hitherto ordinary bison not only become sticky wilds but also repopulate the entire fourth and/or fifth reels if drawn therein.

A HTML5 game, Buffalo Dust has: mobile and desktop versions; minimalistic interface, with a drop-down menu at top left alongside bet sizes and balance at top right and bottom right, respectively. Supported languages: German, French, English, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Indian.

Sounds: ambient instrumental country music; and effects that include twanging, creaking, rattling, clopping, and sighing bison. Animated 3D graphics: blazing and dolly zooming combinations, gushing coins, and exhaling and running bison.

Luck in Buffalo Dust

A game of luck, Buffalo Dust’s unspecified RTP rate and house edge are about 95.00% and 5.00%, respectively.

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