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Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel is a warring July 2021 video slot from developer Betixon. It is in a series also containing the sequels titled Fortune Breakers: Chapter One (September 2021) and Fortune Breakers: Instant Win (card game; September 2021)—the sole difference between Clash of Steel and Chapter One is the latter’s hero-picking feature during the gamble game.

Relatable Betixon-owned games: Fortune Guardians (February 2019), Phoenix Ashes (July 2021), Age of Halvar (June 2020), and Dragon Hunter (December 2018). Themes: classical elements, runes, medieval, warriorhood, and fantasy.

Nine symbols (horned warrior, feline king, lion-faced warrior, ginger woman, brunette, water element, fire element, earth element, and air element) require three-of-a-kind to five-of-a-kind.

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel Game Characteristic

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel has reel-tall symbols, seven total bets, click-and-reveal side game, free games, collectible elements, random picker wheel side game, sword fighting gamble game, ten fixed rightward winning ways, and sixteen symbols.

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel has a runic stony 5X3 grid. The elevated gray grid is set atop a pillared dais illuminated by a turquoise background. The Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel’s total bets: $0.10 (minimum bet), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $2.50, $5.00, and $10.00 (maximum bet).

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel has seven special and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substituting wild is a fiery “W”; the free games-activating scatter is a light green lightning bolt; the click-and-reveal game’s wooden chest; a blue random picker wheel; a Dane ax; wooden shield; and orange droplets.

Ordinary symbols: crystal ball-holding gray warrior in a horned helmet, trident-holding feline king, rod-holding lion-faced warrior, armed ginger woman, armed brunette, cyan water element, russet fire element, blue earth element, and off-white air element.

The Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel’s winning combinations pay as follows.

Three water, fire, earth, or air elements pay X5; four water, fire, earth, or air elements pay X10; and five water, fire, earth, or air elements pay X15.
Three brunettes pay X30, four brunettes pay X40, and five brunettes pay X50.
Three ginger women pay X40, four ginger women pay X50, and five ginger women pay X60.
Three lion-like warriors pay X60, four lion-faced warriors pay X70, and five lion-faced warriors pay X80.
Three feline kings pay X70, four feline kings pay X80, and five feline kings pay X90.
Three horned warriors pay X80, four horned warriors pay X90, and five warriors men pay X100.

The multi-horned dragon’s head sliding atop the grid may randomly headbutt a wild into the reels. 3+ lightning bolts offer ten free games with four color-coded columns for collecting the classical elements.

Filling the four columns (from left to right: fire, air, earth, and water columns) prompt the treasure-choosing side game, where the tailed female patron between cyan candles urges players to pick the right or left credit-showing chest.

The five elongated characters can be drawn concurrently, thus prompting the prize-pinpointing random picker wheel. Winnings resulting from the characters prompt the three-round gamble game whose green crisscrossing axes initiates the optional points-deducting gambling.

Clicking the red crisscrossing swords assaults (using Dane ax; the shield and droplets are used defensively) the self-defending opponent whose slaying doubles the payout, while the player-cum-aggressor’s slaying nullifies the payout. Its non-progressive jackpot is $1000.00.

The Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel has desktop and mobile versions, full screen, and been translated into 14 main languages. Sounds: ambient battle cry; and clanking, clanging, jingling and whooshing effects.

The animated 3D graphics: dolly zooming, glittering, glowing, fluttering, snarling and exhaling dragon, gushing coins, sword fighting characters, and burning symbols and wall-mounted fire torches.

Luck in Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel

Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel is a game of luck whose RTP rate is 70%, suggesting a 30% house edge.

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