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Chicken Ninja

Chicken Ninja is a martial arts-inspired video slot whose developer Betixon released it in May 2020. Named after its symbolic chicken skilled in the Japanese Ninjutsu fighting technique; other themes include card values, personification, nunchaku fighting, and sword fighting.

The Betixon-owned Dragon Hunters (December 2018), The Glorious Sensei (October 2019), Fortune Breakers: Chapter One (September 2021), Fortune Breakers: Clash of Steel (July 2021), Fortune Breakers: Instant Win (September 2021), and The Legend of Sakura (December 2018) thematically relate with Chicken Ninja whose nine symbols (brown rooster, orange rooster, purple rooster, A, K, J, Q, 9, and 10) require three to six winning combinations.

Chicken Ninja Game Characteristics

Chicken Ninja has eleven symbols, wins-multiplying free games, X20 to X300 odds, elongating grid. three-of-a-kind reels, up to 20 unlocked winning lines, and seven bet sizes.

The Chicken Ninja’s 5X3 grid is set beneath Japanese maple trees at an open-air dojo, overlooking a pagoda in a misty mountainous Far East region. The crude red oak-framed grid has nailed horizontal eggplant planks virtually obscuring the vertical planks-turned-reels.

The Chicken Ninja, whose regular game has ten fixed rightward winning lines, has these total bets:
$0.20 (minimum), $0.40, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 (maximum). The Chicken Ninja has two special and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substitute is a pair of yellow-and-jade “wild” nunchaku sticks; and free games trigger is a pair of gold-handled “scatter” swords.

Ordinary symbols: headband-wearing brown rooster carrying a sword, orange rooster carrying nunchaku sticks, and purple rooster with crisscrossing swords; and banded redwood A, orange K, brown J, purple Q, green 9, and violet 10.

Here are the Chicken Ninja’s payouts.

Three 9, or 10 or J pay X20; four 9, or 10 or J pay X40; five 9, or 10 or J pay X60; and six 9, or 10 or J pay X80.
Three Q pay X40, four Q pay X60, five Q pay X80, and six Q pay X100.
Three K pay X60, four K pay X80, five K pay X100, and six K pay X120.
Three A pay X80, four A pay X100, five A pay X120, and six A pay X140.
Three purple roosters pay X100, four purple roosters pay X120, five purple roosters pay X140, and six purple roosters pay X160.
Three orange roosters pay X120, four orange roosters pay X140, five orange roosters pay X160, and six orange roosters pay X180.
Three brown roosters pay X220, four brown roosters pay X240, five brown roosters pay X280, and six brown roosters pay X300.

3+ paired swords offer ten free games, where the grid’s four horizontal planks disappear to reveal a new 6X5 grid that unlocks all 20 winning lines. The free games’ first win attracts X2 multiplier that, after each subsequent win, increases by +2 to X4 multiplier then ultimately to X6 multiplier. The sluggish Chicken Ninja’s maximum X800 win is (800X20) a $16000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

There are mobile and desktop versions for the HTML5 game Chicken Ninja, which is available in: French, Russian, German, Japanese, Lithuanian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, English, Italian, Romanian, and Indian.

Below the full screen icon, the on/off sounds: ambient bamboo flute instrumental; and Chinese drumming, whirring, clashing cymbals, clanging, jingling, swishing, and clinking effects. The animated 3D graphics: silhouetted rooster executing martial arts kicks, wind-blown trees, swinging nunchaku sticks, gushing coins, swaying swords, glittering, glowing, and fireworks effect.

Luck in Chicken Ninja

Chicken Ninja is a game of chance. RTP rate: 96.00%. House edge: 4.00%.

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