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Play Cribbage on Your Mobile/Cellphone

I’ve actually made every cellphone purchase decision in the last 10 years based on whether or not there was a cribbage game available. I held off on buying a Blackberry for over a year only because there wasn’t a Cribbage game in the Blackberry App World!

Thankfully there are a lot of Cribbage games now available for you to choose from, and we’ve got a complete list of the best Cribbage games.

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Now these days, almost everyone has a Blackberry, Android, IPhone or Windows 7 Phone so we’re going to be concentrating on the Cribbage games available just for those mobile devices.

However if you have any other phone not mentioned below, or are looking at purchasing a phone not listed below, please just use the contact form near the bottom of this webpage to mention what cellphone or mobile phone you have or are looking to get. We have access to a lot of phones and should be able to check for you on the status of Cribbage on your cellphone.

Play Cribbage on Your Blackberry

At this time there are only two Cribbage apps available for Blackberry. The first app is simply called Cribbage and is available from BPlay Games. it’s a simple game but doesn’t keep any statistics and the artificial intelligence is intermediate at best. It’s priced at just $2.99 however, so if you’re looking for a cheap solution this is a good one. It also offers Automatic or Manual Pegging.

The other game is Aces Cribbage. This is my preferred Cribbage game, and it has many options for you to choose from. There are multiple counting styles and you can change the game speed as well as the graphics. There are three skill levels as well as a Cribbage tutorial. Honestly at $4.99 I’d highly recommend you go for this one. You can purchase it at bPlay Games.

Play Cribbage on Your IPhone

There are quite a few Cribbage apps available for the iPhone. One of the most popular apps is Cribbage Premium. This is a great app and is available for just $1.99. It offers 4 different levels of difficulty, as well as numerous graphical choices and the ability to play multi player. You also have the ability to count your own cards or have it automatic, as well as muggins.

Also if you want to spend an extra dollar, the same company offer Cribbage HD. This is a great game which runs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It offers single player and multiplayer games, as well as achievements and has great graphics and an excellent interface. Highly recommended.

Play Cribbage on Your Android Device

If you’re looking for a free version of Cribbage, you can get the ad supported Cribbage Game. This is a very simple application though, and not much to it. You won’t find the AI challenging at all.

The most popular Cribbage game on the android is Cribbage Pro Online. This offers online multiplayer so that you can play your friends and also a variety of skill levels. The advanced level is very difficult too. This is priced at $2.99. You can also get a free version of Cribbage Pro which has certain limits to it.

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    Are there Cribbage’s apps that work between Iphone and android platforms?

    Yes. You can use the app Cribbage Pro Online to play on your Android or iOS Device, and can play over either platform. What this means is that Android users can play Cribbage against iPhone users, and vice versa.

    You can download the Android App Here and the iOS App Here.

    Thanks to Josh Fuller for this information

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