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Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot

Holmes and the Stolen Stones, which was released on September 9, 2015, is an online game developed by the Maltese games developer named Yggdrasil Gaming. Holmes and the Stolen Stones game is lauded as among Yggdrasil’s finest works, and its compatibility with diverse devices is courtesy of the designer’s iSENSE 2.0+ framework. Holmes and the Stolen Stones’ most notable rival game is the 2015 Sherlock Holmes slot from IGT.

The word “Holmes” is a reference to Sherlock Holmes, a self-proclaimed consulting detective synonymous with Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary works. Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a slot game adaptation of Doyle’s 1921 short story named The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone, which is third part of the twelve-book series called The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes. Like in the short story, Holmes and the Stolen Stones is about seeking stolen diamonds, and slot players match three, four, or five investigation-related symbols.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Game Characteristics
With volatility rating of 26%, Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot has five reels and three rows (5X3 layout) and its 20 pay lines are fixed. These are the Holmes and the Stolen Stones’ symbols: a rusty “Bonus” deadbolt lock, a smoke bomb, a golden “Free Spin” deadbolt lock, fragments of diamonds, diamond stones, detective Sherlock Holmes and his bespectacled helper Dr John Watson, a brown leather-bound casebook, a magnifying glass, spades suit, diamonds suit, hearts suit, and clubs suit.

Just like in the 2019 Trolls Bridge slot, Holmes and the Stolen Stones game first highlights its jackpots-triggering free spins and diamond shards that are a gateway to boosting its five jackpot occurrences; then the page prompts players to press anywhere on the screen to progress to the interface, where they raise or lessen the default option showing a $0.05 coin value.

The Holmes and the Stolen Stones’ coin values are $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.05, $0.07, $0.10, $0.20, $0.30, $0.50, $0.70, $1.00, and $2.00. The cash bets (total bets) are the $0.20 minimum bet, $0.40, $0.60, $1.00, $1.40, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $10.00, $14.00, $20.00, and the $40.00 maximum bet.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones’ payouts for three, four, and five matching symbols, respectively, are: Sherlock Holmes pays X70, X250, and X4000. Dr Watson pays X60, X225, and X2000. The casebook offers X50, X200, and X1000. The magnifying glass offers X40, X145, and X750.

The spade suit give X25, X75, and X200. The hearts suit pay X25, X70, and X175. The diamonds suit X20, X60, and X150. The clubs suit pay X20, X50, and X125. Lusty “Bonus” deadbolt locks pay (five matches) bonus games plus 10000 coins, bonus games plus 1000 games (four matches), and three matches trigger bonus games only; a concealed smoke bomb ends the bonus games.

Golden “Free Spin” deadbolt locks: three matches give ten free spins, four matches have ten free spins plus 1000 coins, and five matches pay ten free spins plus 10000 coins. Five similarly colored diamond fragments give ten free spins. Five similarly colored diamond stones trigger any of the five progressive jackpots.

The Holmes and the Stolen Stones’ software and sounds are good. The realism in the appealing graphics impressively illustrates Doyle’s work, especially the late 1800s architectural design and Holmes’ tattooed body alongside his attractively chiseled face.

Luck in Holmes and the Stolen Stones
A game of chance, Holmes and the Stolen Stones’ RTP rate is 96.8% while the house edge of 3.2%.

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