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Jokerizer Slot

Jokerizer, released on March 1, 2016, is a circus-themed casino game from Yggdrasil Gaming. Jokerizer is the first game in the three-game Jokerizer series; the second game in that series is The Dark Joker Rizes (January 2015), while the third game is Wicked Circus (October 2016). The November 2018 slot named Nitro Circus is another circus-inspired Yggdrasil’s game, and its other Joker-branded game is the April 2015 slot called Joker Millions.

The term “Jokerizer” results from the addition of the suffix “izer” on “joker”; the game’s brand logo includes a joker symbol wearing a red-and-green fool’s cap (the triple-pointed hat is fitted with three jingle bells). Jokerizer players match two, three, four, or five win symbols.

Jokerizer Game Characteristics
Jokerizer is a highly volatile game, whose 5X3 grid supports ten fixed pay lines. The Jokerizer symbols are: a multi-colored star, a green-and-purple bunch of grapes, an orange “7”, a ripe lemon, a golden bell, and a bunch of three red cherries.

Jokerizer’s starting page mentions two key features—the “Jokerizer Mode” that boosts winning chances, and the “Mystery Win” that can award as much as 6000 coins. Any spot on that page is sensitive to clicking, thereby leading to the interface for the coin value setting.

The $0.02 default option is subject to increasing the coin value, whose complete listing is: $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, and $0.50. The corresponding five cash bet options are $0.20 (the minimum bet), $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, and $5.00 (the highest bet for the regular; however, the other mode requires 20 coins–the maximum bet).

Jokerizer’s payouts for three, four, or five winning combinations, respectively, are: the star pays X60, X100, and X400. Grapes pay X20, X60, and X120. The “7” offers X40, X80, and X240. The lemon gives X20, X40, and X100. The bell gives X40, X60, and X160. The red cherries offer X20, X40, and X100.

Whenever three symbols of the fool’s hat-wearing joker show up, regardless of their location on the grid (note: the joker cannot appear on reels 1 and 5), it triggers the “Mystery Win” that awards between $1000 and $6000. Better still, the payout can hit the $6000 mark when three Joker symbols form either a diagonal or a horizontal alignment on the grid.

Another method of triggering the “Mystery Win” is by looking forward to the “Jokerizer Mode”, which is automatically activated by a single line win; by not collecting their winnings so far, the players can go on using the premium “Jokerizer Mode”, which costs 20 credits in every game round. An advantage of this relatively costlier mode is that any two jokers (rather than the three jokers aligned by chance) scattered across the grid pays between $20 and $6000. The non-progressive jackpot for Jokerizer players is $12000.

The Jokerizer software is typically good; the circus music sound effect is attention-grabbing. The graphics are colorful, especially the abandoned brightly-lit amusement park with many ferris wheels and carousel horses.

Luck in Jokerizer
Normally, Jokerizer’s RTP rate is 88.8%, and the house edge is 11.2%; however, the RTP rate increases to 98% and the house edge decreases to 2% when the Jokenizer mode is permanently set. This game of chance uses a random number generator.

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