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Jumbo Jellies

Jumbo Jellies is a confectionary video slot launched on December 13, 2021. Developer: Bally Technologies. Supplier: Yggdrasil Gaming. Themes: card suit-inspired, animal-like, gem-embedded and fruity candies.

Ten symbols (“w” candy, swirl candy, alligator candy, teddy bear candy, cherries candy, coke candy, spade suit, heart suit, diamond suit and club suit) need three to six-of-a-kind.

Jumbo Jellies Game Characteristics

Jumbo Jellies has: contracting grid; enlarging symbols; guaranteed successive winnings during free re-spins, where the sticky symbols turn wild; progressive +1-win multipliers; buyable free games; four sets of unlocking winning ways; twelve symbols; X0.1 to X7.5 regular payouts; and sixteen total bets.

A cloudy sky overlooking a blue stream meandering across fields, strewn with gigantic sprouting or boulder-like colorful candies, form the background of the Jumbo Jellies’ purple-striped grid. Set in a bronze steampunk piping system (and a multiplier-displaying exhaust funnel to the left), the basic 6X3 grid—with 20 basic rightward winning ways—is also marked with six larger golden cells forming a 3X3 grid (with two symbols per cell) wherein the jumbo rows rounds are played.

Jumbo Jellies’ total bets: $0.20 (minimum), $0.40, $0.80, $1.00, $1.60, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00, $7.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, $30.00, $50.00, $75.00, and$100.00 (maximum).

Jumbo Jellies has three special and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the regular grid’s substituting wild is a colorful “w” candy; the jumbo rows-related scatter is a valueless diamond-shaped symbol; and the free games-activating feature is a gem-embedded brown +2 candy.

Ordinary symbols: purple swirl candy; green alligator candy; golden teddy bear candy; cherries candy; coke candy; and purple spade, red heart, green diamond and blue club suits.

Here are the Jumbo Jellies’ payouts.

Three clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades pay X0.1; four clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades pay X0.2; five clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades pay X0.4; and six clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades pay X0.5.
Three coke candies or cherries pay X0.15; four coke candies or cherries pay X0.25; five coke candies or cherries X0.6; and six coke or cherries candies pay X1.
Three teddy bears pay X0.15; four teddy bears pay X0.25; five teddy bears X0.75; and six teddy bears pay X1.25.
Three alligator candies pay X0.2; four alligators pay X0.3; five alligators pay X1.5; and six alligators pay X2.
Three swirl candies pay X0.4; four swirl candies pay X0.6; five swirl candies pay X2; and six swirl candies pay X4. Three “W” candies pay X0.5; four “W” candies pay X0.75; five “W” candies pay X4; and six “W” candies pay X7.5.

Two pairs of regular-turned-wild combinations fill their respective rows’ cells with large symbols only (count as four-of-a-kind during wins), thus kickstarting successive wins with +1-win multiplier per back-to-back re-spin. Drawing 3+ gem-embedded candies or the “buy bonus” feature offer free games—two rounds for every triggering gem-filled candy—in a 3X3 grid (up to 18 free games) where the symbol-less cells re-spin.

Lone large symbols in 3X3 grid’s cells across: one row unlock +5 (total 25) winning lines, across two rows unlock +10 (total 30) winning lines, and in whole grid unlock +20 (total 40) winning lines.

The buyable eight to eighteen free games cost X75, totaling: $15.00, $30.00, $60.00, $75.00, $120.00, $150.00, $225.00, $375.00, 525.00, $750.00, 1125.00, $1500.00, $2250.00, $3750.00, $5625.00 or $7500.00.

The free games pay up to X5000, or $500000.00. The Jumbo Jellies’ maximum win is X5833, or a $583300.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The HTLM5 game Jumbo Jellies features: colorful color scheme; fast play; 26 languages; supports desktop and Android/iOS mobile devices; supports major browsers; infinite or 10-1000 auto spins. Sounds: ambient retro; and whooshing and jingling effects. The animated 3D graphics: glitter effect, falling blobs, swaying, glowing, and puffing smoke funnel.

Luck in Jumbo Jellies

Jumbo Jellies is a game of luck, with sets of RTP rates: the buyable bonus’ 96.13% RTP rate and 3.87% house edge; and the general 95.40% RTP rate and 4.60% house edge.

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