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Jaguar Super Ways

Games developer Bad Dingo launched Jaguar Super Ways on May 20, 2021. Supplied by both Yggdrasil Gaming and Relax Gaming; this Mesoamerican video slot’s themes include spirit animals, Mayan mythology, tribal patterns, playing card values, and pre-Columbian civilization.

Named after its symbolic jaguar and millions of win lines; Jaguar Super Ways is the first game from its developer whose second and third games are Golden Haul Infinity Reels (September 2021) and Wild9s (February 2022). Ten symbols (vulture, serpent, frog, emerald, A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9) require between three-of-a-kind to ten-of-a-kind.

Jaguar Super Ways Game Characteristics

Jaguar Super Ways has six sets of free games, free re-spins, sticky symbols, 243 basic winning lines that can exceed 387 million lines, irregularly growing grid, thirteen symbols, from X2 to X300 odds, and nine total bets in any version.

Jaguar Super Ways has a South American jungle—with glowworms—setting for its transparent, unpartitioned basic 5X3 grid that is surrounded by twenty tribal patterns. A jaguar stands guard over the grid whose regular games use 243 rightward winning lines.

Jaguar Super Ways’ total bets vary from one version to another. For instance, the version v1.0.15 has: $40.00 (minimum bet), $80.00, $120.00, $160.00, $200.00, $400.00, $600.00, $800.00, and $1000.00 (maximum bet). Another version, the v1.0.23, has: $0.40 (minimum bet), $0.80, $1.20, $1.60, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, and $10.00 (maximum bet).

Jaguar Super Ways has three special and ten ordinary symbols. Special symbols (in second to fifth reels only): the substituting wild is a jaguar; the free games-activating scatter is a Mayan pyramid; and a super ways-activating, reels-unlocking and symbol-adding golden feline pawprint.

Ordinary symbols: California condor vulture; serpent; tree frog; emerald; and vined wooden red A, green K, pink Q, purple J, blue 10, and cyan 9.

Below are the Jaguar Super Ways’ payouts.

Three 9 or 10 pay X2; four 9 or 10 pay X3; five 9 or 10 pay X5; six 9 or 10 pay X8; seven 9 or 10 pay X15; eight 9 or 10 pay X20; and nine 9 or 10 pay X50.
Three Q or J pay X3; four Q or J pay X5; five Q or J pay X8; six Q or J pay X10; seven Q or J pay X20; eight Q or J pay X25; and nine Q or J pay X75.
Three A or K pay X4; four A or K pay X8; five A or K pay X10; six A or K pay X15; seven A or K pay X25; eight A or K pay X50; and nine A or K pay X100.
Three emeralds pay X5; four emeralds pay X10; five emeralds pay X15; six emeralds pay X20; seven emeralds pay X30; eight emeralds pay X75; and nine emeralds pay X150.
Three frogs pay X5; four frogs pay X10; five frogs pay X15; six frogs pay X25; seven frogs pay X40; eight frogs pay X100; and nine frogs pay X200.
Three serpents pay X8; four serpents pay X15; five serpents pay X25; six serpents pay X30; seven serpents pay X50; eight serpents pay X125; and nine serpents pay X250.
Three vultures pay X10; four vultures pay X20; five vultures pay X50; six vultures pay X60; seven vultures pay X75; eight vultures pay X150; and nine vultures pay X300.
Three pyramids offer seven free games. Four pyramids offer ten free games.
Five pyramids offer twelve free games. Six pyramids offer 15 free games.
Seven pyramids offer 18 free games. And 8+ pyramids offer 20 free games.

Using a 5X4 grid, all free games have at least 1024 winning lines that can reach 387, 420, 489 winning ways. A win prompts a free re-spin: the disappearing winning symbols leave behind the winless symbols.
The paw’s appearance unlocks more ways (showed at left) and symbols in the progressively enlarging grid, capped at 9X9. The maximum X22457 win yields a $224570.00 or $22457000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The Jaguar Super Ways features: HTML5 game; desktop/mobile versions; and 10/25/50/75/100/250/500/750/1000 auto play. Sounds: ambient jungle sounds; and whooshing, jingling, growling, thumping, and tribal drumming effects.

The animated 3D graphics: glittering, tapping frog, tongue-flicking and lunging serpent, dolly zooming, sunburst, and teeth-baring and rocking jaguar.

Luck in Jaguar Super Ways

A game of luck, Jaguar Super Ways’ RTP rate is 94.326 %. House edge: 5.674%. Hit rate: 41.28%.

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