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The vintage video slot CherryPop was launched on October 6, 2020. Developer: Avatar UX. Distributor: Yggdrasil Gaming. CherryPop Deluxe (June 2022) is the sequel to CherryPop, which is third in the PopWins gaming line, chronologically including: PopRocks (April 2020), WildPops (July 2020), BountyPop (November 2020), TikiPop (February 2021), HippoPop (May 2021), PapayaPop (September 2021), PiggyPop (September 2021), LolliPop (March 2022), MonkeyPop (April 2022), and RagingPop (May 2022).

Themes: retro, fruity symbolism, neon, card values, and luck. All symbols require three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, or five-of-a-kind in neighboring reels.

CherryPop Game Characteristics

CherryPop has a readjusting grid with repopulating cells, gamble game with random picker wheel, buyable three-level free games, minimal 243 winning lines and maximal 59049 lines, progressive win multipliers, extra win multipliers, no special symbols, and X0.3 to X15 odds.

CherryPop has a glowing purple neon frame for its basic 5X3 grid, on a purple-and-blue background; it has dark blue cells, bidirectional winning ways, and potential for a 5X9 dimension. CherryPop’s thirteen total bets are: $0.2 (minimum bet), $0.3, $0.5, $0.7, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00, $7.00, $10.00, $20.00, $30.00, and $40.00 (maximum bet).

CherryPop’s fourteen ordinary symbols. Lowly: purple A, turquoise K, navy blue J, golden Q, lavender 10, and mauve 9. Average: purple grapes, one whole and sliced watermelons, one-and-a-half oranges, violet horse shoe, green four-leaf clover, red bell, and blue diamond. Highly: crimson cherries.

CherryPop’s odds are as follows.

Three 9 or 10 or J pay X0.3; four 9 or 10 or J pay X0.6; and five 9 or 10 or J pay X1.2.
Three A or K or Q pay X0.4; four A or K or Q pay X0.8; and five A or K or Q pay X1.6.
Three grapes or watermelons pay X0.8; four grapes or watermelons pay X1.2; and five grapes or watermelons pay X2.5.
Three oranges or horseshoes pay X1; four oranges or horseshoes pay X2; and five oranges or horseshoes pay X4.
Three clovers pay X1.2; four clovers pay X2.5; and five clovers pay X5.
Three bells pay X1.5; four bells pay X3; and five bells pay X6.
Three diamonds pay X2; four diamonds pay X4; and five diamonds pay X8.
Three cherries pay X4; four cherries pay X7.5; and five cherries pay X15.

The winning symbols pop then disappear; subsequently, two cells replace every vacated cell in a manner that readjusts the grid’s height disproportionally or proportionally while also unlocking more winning ways. A regular winless spin between wins reverts to both the 5X3 grid and 486 ways.

Multiple back-to-back wins can unlock the regular game’s maximum 5X6 grid, thus activating the minimal five free games that—after successfully gambling—can rise to eight free games then to 12 free games after attaining the picker wheel’s “+” segments. Successive wins during the free games (where winless spins revert to the grid’s smallest reel) can ultimately reach a 5X9 grid.

At the onset of the free games, there is an optional gamble game (with a free games-claiming “take” option) whose blue neon picker wheel has free games-nullifying red “X” segments or green/golden segments that offer extra free games. The wheel’s segments for: five free games are “X”, green “+3” and golden “+7”; eight free games are “X”, green “+4” and golden “+8”; and 12 free games are “X” and golden “+4”.

The 5X6 grid-related free games’ win multipliers begin from X2, where successive wins prompt +1 multiplier. The 5X9 grid-related free games’ win multipliers add an instant +3 multiplier, where every back-to-back win adds +3 multiplier.

The buyable free games (via “bonus” icon at bottom right) cost X75 the ($0.20 to $10.00) bet, totaling: $15.00, $22.50, $37.50, $52.50, $75.00, $150.00, $225.00, $375.00, $525.00, $750.00. The X56386 maximum win yields a theoretical $2255440.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The CherryPop software: HTML5 technology; mobile/desktop versions; 2/10/20/30/40/50/60/100/limitless auto spins; fast play; in 30 languages; and supports the major browsers. Sounds: soothing instrumental; and clinking, swishing, and popping effects. The animated 3D graphics: glittering, glowing, spinning, pops, and gushing coins during big wins.

Luck in CherryPop

CherryPop, a game of luck, has a 96.2% RTP rate and a 3.8% house edge is. Hit rate: 22%.

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