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Jack’s Ride

About Jack’s Ride

Jack’s Ride is a September 2017 Wazdan-owned html5 video slot adaptation of a North American-style transnational road trip in a luxury car. This game’s setting befits the term “British Columbia-Route 66 road trip” as it begins from British Columbia, Canada and traverses the famed interstate U.S. Route 66. Other thematic elements are romance, elegance, traffic signs, neon signage, cruising, and hitchhiking.

Jack’s Ride is among the seven online games under the “Jack” series whose other games are Jack on Hold (February 2016), Mega Jack (August 2012), Mystery Jack (February 2013), Mega Jack 81 (July 2013), Demon Jack 27 (February 2016), and Mystery Jack Deluxe (December 2017).

Jack’s Ride’s rival slot games include Route 66 (April 2019) from KA Gaming, Vegas Road Trip (May 2016) from Nucleus Gaming, and Road Trip (September 2014) from Genii. Thirteen symbols (driver, “BAR” sign, “777 HOTEL” sign, service station sign, dices, gas pumps, jerrycan, registration plate, PVC traffic cone, Cadillac tires, route 66 badge, “caution 777” traffic sign, and “speed limit 75” traffic sign) require three winning combinations.

Jack’s Ride Game Characteristics

Jack’s Ride has a partitioned silver-framed gray 3X3 grid that is set on a red Cadillac’s radiator grille. There are 27 fixed paylines, fourteen symbols, nine total bets, nudged reels, neither a substituting wild nor free games, a gamble game, and regularly pays from $0.10 to $1200.00.

Jack’s Ride has one special and thirteen ordinary symbols. The reel-nudging special symbol is a reverse “R” gear knob. Ordinary symbols: a sunglass-wearing smiling dark-haired Cadillac driver Jack in green; a “BAR” neon sign with a sitting half-naked cowgirl’s caricature; a “777 HOTEL” neon sign; a “service Cadillac station” sign; two red-and-white dices; three side by side teal, red and orange gas pumps; a rusty jerrycan; an orange-and-black “102.653 British Columbia 55” registration plate; a red-and-white PVC traffic cone; three Cadillac tires; a blue-and-red badge, with “ROUTE 66” in white; an orange-and-black “caution 777” warning traffic sign; and a bent white-and-black “speed limit 75” informatory traffic sign.

Jack’s Ride cash bets: $0.10 (minimum bet), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet).

Betting $100.00 offers these Jack’s Ride payouts three winning combinations. Driver Jack pays $1200.00. “BAR” sign pays $600.00. “777 HOTEL” sign pays $500.00. “Service Cadillac station” sign pays $400.00. Dices pay $300.00. Gas pumps, or jerrycan pays $200. Registration plate, or PVC traffic cone, or Cadillac tires, or “ROUTE 66” badge, or “caution 777” traffic sign, or “speed limit 75” traffic sign pays $100.00.

The nudged reels boost the winning chances. Default side game: players guess which of the two cowgirls will accept to ride with Jack, thereby doubling the payout. If the chosen girl refuses to ride with him, the payout is nullified. Alternatively, players can guess the suit color of a face down playing card. Jack’s Ride’s non-progressive jackpot is X81, which (81X100) is $8100.00.

The features of the good Jack’s Ride software: low, standard, or high volatility level; slow, average, or fast gameplay; screen magnifier; supports desktops and mobile gadgets; compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems; 19 languages; Ultra Lite or High Quality modes; and has 5-1000 autospins whose win and loss limits are capped at $1000.00 (mobile version) and $1000000.00 (desktop version).

The theme song is DJ Jose’s 2018 track “Bring Me Back”. Sound effects include: chinking, vrooming, screeching, humming car, idling engine, whistling, sarcastic laughter, “Hmmm!”, defiant girls shouting “go away!” and “no, no!”, Jack exclaiming “c’mon!” and “yeah!”, and submissive girls shouting “woo-hoo!”.
The animated 3D graphics include: hitchhiking girls playing hide and seek, cowgirls hopping into the car, optical illusion, and optical flow effect.

Luck in Jack’s Ride

A game of chance, the RTP rate of Jack’s Ride is 96.40% and the house edge is 3.60%.

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