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Space Spins

Space Spins

On its press release dated May 9, 2019, games developer Wazdan describes Space Spins as a simulation of interstellar voyage to crystalline exoplanets. Accordingly, this html5 video slot’s themes are superluminal travel, gems, science fiction, astronomical phenomena, ring system, artificial intelligence, stars, outer space, spacefaring, and space warfare. Space Spins has a prequel titled Space Gems (January 2019).

Similar games from Wazdan: Magic Stars 5 (February 2019), Burning Stars (September 2014), Magic Stars (September 2014), Magic Stars 9 (November 2019), Spectrum (March 2018), Magic Stars 3 (February 2018), Magic Stars 6 (April 2019), and Reel Hero (May 2020).

Examples of Space Spins’ rival games: Planet Rocks (February 2018) from Felix Gaming, Sparkly Planets (February 2016) from Allbet Games, and Gem Star (April 2017) from Amatic Industries. Nine symbols (“wild” planet, ringed pink star, ringed purple star, ringed orange star, ringed green star, 10-point yellow star, seven-point pink star, blue star, and cyan star) require three, four, five, or six winning combinations.

Space Spins Game Characteristics

Set on a gray-framed observatory, Space Spins has a non-partitioned and transparent 6X4 grid overlooking a blue-and-purple cosmos. There are 40 fixed left-to-right paylines, ten symbols, seven total bets, random wilds, accumulating four sets of free games, a side game, and pays from $0.04 to $2500.00.

The two special symbols: the free games-offering feature is a dark “scatter” spacecraft in a cyan warp bubble; and the substitute is a colorful crystallized “wild” planet. The eight ordinary symbols: a ringed eight-point pink star; a ringed five-point purple star; a ringed eight-point orange star; a ringed four-point green star; a 10-point yellow star; a cratered seven-point pink star; a five-point blue star; and a radial six-point cyan star.

The Space Spins bet sizes: $0.20 (minimum bet), $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet).

Based on the $100.00 bet, these are the Space Spins payouts for three, four, five, and six winning combinations. “Wild” planet pays $100.00, $200.00, $1000.00, and $2500.00. Ringed pink star pays $50.00, $150.00, $500.00, and $1000.00. Ringed purple star pays $50.00, $125.00, $375.00, and $750.00.

Ringed orange star pays $40.00, $75.00, $300.00, and $600.00. Ringed green star pays $40.00, $75.00, $250.00, and $500.00. 10-point yellow star, or seven-point pink star pays $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, and $200.00. Five-point blue star, or six-point cyan star pays $20.00, $40.00, $75.00, and $150.00.

Three “scatter” spacecraft offer 10 free games. Four “scatter” spacecraft offer 15 free games. Five “scatter” spacecraft offer 20 free games. Six “scatter” spacecraft offer 25 free games. Prior to the start of the free games, a warp drive pops up where all symbols pass through before one symbol is chosen randomly, thereby becoming the designated pile-up feature.

Weapon-selecting default side game: players try to shoot down enemy spacecraft using a laser weapon or a rocket, which results in a payout-nullifying miss or a payout-doubling destruction of the target. In the suit color-guessing game, players click the flickering black rocket or red rocket beside a face down playing card. Space Spins’ non-progressive jackpot is X1650, which (1650X100) is $165000.00.

The good Space Spins software features: full screen and double screen; slow, fast, and ultra-fast gameplays; low, standard, and high volatility levels; compatible with Windows, Android, iOS operating systems; 22 languages; Ultra Lite and High Quality displays; 5-1000 autoplay spins whose win and loss limits range (in desktop versions) from $0.01 to $1000000.00 and (in mobile versions) from $1.00 to $1000.00.

Ambient background: space music and cosmic white noise. Sound effects: bleeping and computer-generated sounds such as “congratulations, free spins”, “select a weapon”, and “target destroyed”. The animated 3D graphics include meteor showers, target acquisition showing locked on enemy spacecraft that maneuvers or gets brown up, twinkling stars, glistening, luminosity, warp drive propulsion, and a focused red laser beam.

Luck in Space Spins

A game of chance, the RTP rate of Space Spins is 96.66% and the house edge is 3.34%.

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