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Haunted Hospital

About Haunted Hospital

Haunted Hospital is a horrific and creepy May 2017 Wazdan-owned html5 video slot that is set in the operating theatre of an escape-proof derelict medical facility whose monstrous staff surgically mutilate their inpatients. Wazdan’s other similar video slots: Highway to Hell (May 2012), Highway to Hell Deluxe (July 2018), Black Hawk (July 2016), Black Hawk Deluxe (August 2018), Los Muertos (October 2018), Dracula’s Castle (December 2017), Demon Jack 27 (February 2016), and Welcome to Hell 81 (February 2016). Other games in the “27” gaming include Fenix Play 27 Deluxe (September 2017), Fenix Play 27 (2012), and Magic Fruits 27 (2013).

Haunted Hospital’s rival slot games include Haunted Hallows (January 2018) from Eyecon, Haunted House (October 2017) from Magnet Gaming, and Book of Madness (October 2019) from Gamomat. Fifteen symbols (patient, surgeon, medical laboratory technician, insane doctor, cleaner, nurse, wheelchair, operating theatre, hospital, syringe, sternal saw blade, scalpel, preserved brain, preserved hand, and preserved eyes) require three winning combinations.
Haunted Hospital Game Characteristics

Haunted Hospital has a partitioned 3X3 grid, set on a chipped rectangular concrete shelf. It has 27 fixed paylines, 16 symbols, nine cash bets, bonus game, free games, gamble game, and regularly pays from $0.10 to $50000.00.

Haunted Hospital has three special symbols and thirteen ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substitute is a scalpel-holding smirking “wild” surgeon illuminated by surgical light; the mystery wins-triggering feature is a horrified gray-haired, and blue-faced “mystery” female patient gripping an operating table; and the free games-offering feature is a restrained and muzzled brown-haired “scatter” male victim.

Ordinary symbols: a vacutainer-holding bald medical laboratory technician in a bloody white shirt; a bald brown-haired insane doctor holding a sternal saw blade; a scary cleaner holding a bloody mop; a syringe-holding bloody zombie nurse; a wheelchair; an empty operating theatre; a gloomy hospital building; a bloody syringe; a bloody sternal saw blade; a bloody scalpel; and fluid-preserved brain, hand, and three eyes.

Haunted Hospital cash bets: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 (maximum).

The $100.00 bet offers these Haunted Hospital self-adjusting payouts for three winning combinations. “Wild” surgeon pays $16000.00. Laboratory technician pays $8000.00. Insane doctor pays $4000.00. Cleaner, or zombie nurse pays $800.00. Wheelchair, or operating theatre, or hospital building pays $400.00. Syringe, or sternal saw blade, or scalpel pays $200.00. Brain, or hand, or eyes $100.00.

Three horrified patients refund the stake at the least, but its mystery wins are capped at X500, which (500X100) is $50000.00. Three muzzle “scatter” victims offer the nine free games. In the default door-choosing side game, players select hermetic doors—the chosen chained door or the padlocked door opens to reveal a payout-doubling beauty in black or a payout-nullifying md doctor. Alternatively, players guess the color of a face down playing card’s suits by clicking the red pill or black pill beside it. Haunted Hospital’s non-progressive jackpot is X820, which (820X100) is $82000.00.

The good Haunted Hospital software features: selectable low, standard and high volatility levels; slow, average and fast speed modes; Ultra Lite and High Quality modes; supports Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems; supports both desktops and mobile devices; available in 17 languages; and 5-1000 autospins whose win and loss limits are capped at $1000.00 in the mobile version and $1000000.00 in the desktop version.

The sounds include: white noise, chinking, sputtering blood, screams, mad doctor’s sarcastic laugh, babbling IV drip, and whimpering. The horrible animated 3D graphics include: the drizzling, lightning flashes, murderous saw-wielding doctor bursting into the operating theatre, nervously peeping and gasping victims, defibrillation, writhing, flickering lights, trickling blood, silhouetted pointy ghost hand apparitions, and bubbling IV drip.

Luck in Haunted Hospital

A game of chance, the RTP rate of Haunted Hospital is 96.49% and the house edge is 3.51%.

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