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Mystery Jack Deluxe

About Mystery Jack Deluxe

A html5 video slot that Wazdan released on December 1, 2017, Mystery Jack Deluxe is a subseries’ sequel to Mystery Jack (February 2013). Set in the Wild West, its protagonist is a horse-riding outlaw called Jack. Classic slot machine symbols, gunslinging, Old West lawman, train robbery, and cowboy culture are among the themes.

Mystery Jack Deluxe is the seventh video slot in the seven-game Jack series whose other instalments are Mega Jack (August 2012), Mystery Jack (February 2013), Mega Jack 81 (July 2013), Jack on Hold (February 2016), Demon Jack 27 (February 2016), and Jack’s Ride (September 2017).

Other Wild West-inspired Wazdan-owned games include Hot 777 Deluxe (October 2018), Wild Guns (September 2017), Black Horse (December 2012), and Black Horse Deluxe (April 2020). Mystery Jack Deluxe’s rival slot games include: Cowboy Treasure (December 2013) from Play’n Go, Wild Wild West (February 2017) from NetEnt, and Wild Jack (February 2017) from BF Games.

Fifteen symbols (“mystery” freight car, “wild” Jack, red bull, BAR, “mystery jack” sheriff badge, 7, golden bell, watermelon, grapes, raspberry, strawberry, plum, orange, lemon, and cherries) require three winning combinations.

Mystery Jack Deluxe Game Characteristics

Set in a desert, Mystery Jack Deluxe’s white 3X3 grid is partitioned and contained in a yellow threaded frame. It has 27 fixed paylines, 16 symbols, nine total bets, mystery wins, free games, a gamble game, and has payouts ranging from $0.10 to $16000.00.

Mystery Jack Deluxe has three special symbols and thirteen ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substitute is an alert “wild” outlaw Jack in a yellow cowboy hat and red neckerchief mask; the mystery wins-offering feature is a brown “mystery” freight car; and the free games-unlocking feature is a brown “free spins” passenger carriage.

Ordinary symbols: a charging yellow-horned red bull; a white-and-brown single BAR; a yellow “mystery jack” sheriff badge; a red-and-golden 7; a golden bell; a halved watermelon; purple grapes; a raspberry; a strawberry; a plum; an orange; a lemon; and cherries.

The Mystery Jack Deluxe total bets: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 (maximum).

The $100.00 bet offers these dynamic Mystery Jack Deluxe payouts for three winning combinations. “Wild” Jack pays $16000.00. Red bull pays $8000.00. BAR pays $4000.00. Sheriff badge, or 7 pays $800.00. Golden bell, or watermelon, or grapes pays $400.00. Raspberry, or strawberry, or plum pays $200.00. Orange, or lemon, or cherries pays $100.00.

Three “mystery” freight cars pay from X1 to X500; this between $0.10 and $50.00 for the $0.10 bet, and between $100.00 and $50000.00 for the $100.00 bet. Three “free spins’’ passenger carriages offer nine free games.

Freight car-selecting default side game: players guess the freight car that the train robber will open to reveal either a win-doubling green “$” gunny bags with cash-in-transit or a win-nullifying lawman who comes out guns blazing. The other side game has a face down playing card, prompting players to guess if the upcoming suit color is red or black. Mystery Jack Deluxe’s non-progressive jackpot is X820, which (820X100) is $82000.00.

The good Mystery Jack Deluxe software features: Ultra Lite and High Quality mode displays; slow, fast, and ultra-fast gameplays; low, standard, and high volatility level; 23 languages; the supported operating systems are Windows, iOS, and Android; supports mobile and desktop platforms; and has $0.01-$1000000.00 (in desktop version) and $1.00-$1000.00 (in mobile version) win and loss limits for its 5-1000 autospins.

Ambient background: country music instrumental. Sound effects: train whistle, chugging and honking train, chuffing diesel locomotive, gunshots, whizzing bullets, and whooping cowboy. The animated 3D graphics include: an outlaw tipping his hat as he rides a galloping horse along the railroad, a lawman firing at the train robber, gunshot holes, and smoke billowing from the diesel locomotive.

Luck in Mystery Jack Deluxe

A game of chance, the RTP rate of Mystery Jack Deluxe is 96.49% and the house edge is 3.51%.

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