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House of Doom Slot

Slot players excited by psychological horror and splatter films should sit back and let House of Doom scare the hell out of them. An otherwise all-embracing game, it is not all about doom and gloom; all-inclusive bet sizes and a high payout will tone down any scare. House of Doom was released on June 13, 2018 by Play’n GO.

House of Doom slot is a game adaptation of a 2018 extended play record, also titled “House of Doom”, composed by the Swedish music band called Candlemass. The dominant themes in House of Doom include Gothic and creepy horror. The aim is similar to the Book of Dead game because the ten pentominoes (the five-cubed geometric figures) in its pay table offer a benchmark against winning combinations.

Tread Warily in the House of Doom
In terms of game type, Play’n GO files House of Doom, whose reels and rows form a 5X3 layout, under the 5-reel slot machines category. These are the symbols in House of Doom. One, there are letters A, K, Q, and J, and number 10. Second, there are objects: a burning skull, a chained Latin cross, a silver Star of David, and a ram symbol. Third, there is a rose symbol. Lastly, there is a female psychic. The pentominoes in the pay table range from three horizontal I-shapes (on the top, center and bottom of the pay lines), V, inverted V, U, inverted U, Z, inverted Z, and a sideward S.

House of Doom game loads to reveal a brief four-step user guide about Hellgate, a side game named Skulls of Abyss, free Doom spins, and the scatter/wild symbol. After pressing “Continue”, a spooky fanfare welcomes players to the main game. To play House of Doom, players first set the bet sizes using the +/- signs on the interface, then click the larger octagonal icon on the bottom left. House of Doom has ten non-adjustable pay lines, and its bet sizes range from the $0.10 minimum bet to $100.00 maximum bet. Other bet sizes are $0.20, $0.30, $0.50, $0.70, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.50, $5.00, $7.50, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, and $50.00.

These are the House of Doom payouts for two, three, four, and five symbols, respectively. Two, three, four, and five psychics and House of Doom abstract logos offer X0.75, X7.50, 37.50, and 150.00. Two, three, four, and five rams offer X0.60, X6, X30, and X105. Two, three, four, and five blazing roses give X0.45, X4.50, X22.50, and X75. Two, three, four, and five chained crosses offer X0.30, X3.75, 18.75, and X60. Two, three, four, and five Star of David(s) give X0.30, X3, X15, and X52.50.

The House of Doom payouts for three, four, and five As, Ks, and QS are X1.05, X5.25, and X15, correspondingly; three, four, and five Js and 10s offer X0.75, X3.75, and X11.25, respectively. The side game, which is triggered by three scatters, offers between X1 and up to X20 for 15 blazing skulls. The non-progressive jackpot in House of Doom is X2500 coins.

The House of Doom interface is all-inclusive, yet simply navigated. The sounds have an underworld touch, including the distant ding-dong, the creepy soundtrack, and the errie spinning sound. The surreal graphics factually depict a dark world imagery, including the white-faced psychic and her glistening crystal ball, the heap of old skulls, stakes impaled on fresh skulls, barbed wire, fog, and the gothic building silhouetted against the lightning.

Luck in House of Doom
The RTP rate of House of Doom, a game of chance, is 96.11%, while the house edge is 3.89%.

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