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Track & Field Mouse Fruit Machine Guide & Review

Track & Field Mouse is a 3-reel, 1-line AWP fruit machine developed by Microgaming, featuring nudges, a hold feature, a Shifta feature, a Let ’em Spin feature and a bonus game. You can play the Track and Field Mouse fruit machine slot game at Gaming Club Casino and Ladbrokes Casino.

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Track & Field Mouse Game Description

The Track & Field Mouse fruit machine features a little mouse who can run. Symbols include the Fieldmouse, Watermelons, Plums, Bars, Oranges, Lemons and Cherries. Whenever you hit a nudge feature, keep an eye on the top right corner to see which of the nudge features you have activated as well as how many numbers you have. Whenever you trigger the hold feature, it will be listed at the bottom next to the “Spin” button. The paytable is listed along the bottom of the game screen and along the right side. Below is a screenshot of the Track and Fieldmouse slot machine from Microgaming:

track and field fruit machine

Track & Field Mouse Betting Options

Bets on the Track and Fieldmouse slot game are $0.01, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5 and $10 per spin. In Track & Field Mouse, you do not win cash by hitting a winning combination in the regular slot game, instead you have to hit a winning combination to make it to the bonus game where you will win prizes. There are three different paytable options in Track & Fieldmouse that have a different set of payouts. Choose between Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the medal, the greater number of WinSpins are offered. However, the frequency of winning combinations will decrease. Each winning combination gives you a different number of WinSpins in the bonus game. Hit the “Spin” button to spin the reels on the Track and Field Mouse fruit machine.

Track & Field Mouse Nudge Features

A common feature found on fruit machines is the nudge feature. Nudges on the Track & Field Mouse fruit machine are randomly triggered and will allow you to bump a reel down one position. You can win up to four nudges on a spin. Look for the number in the top left to see how many nudges you have and you can use them wisely. You can see what the two symbols above the WinLine are by hitting the arrows on the top of the reels.

If the “Nudge Bank Held” light flashes, you can carry your nudges over to the next spin. If you do not use them on the next spin, you will lose your saved nudges. If “Nudge Repeat” lights up (randomly), it means you will receive the same number of nudges you won on your last spin. Finally, you can also gamble your nudges when the “Gamble Nudge” feature is randomly activated. Watch the numbers flash and when you are ready, hit the “Gamble” button to stop the flashing numbers. Hit the “Collect” button to accept your nudges or “Gamble” to play again.

Track & Field Mouse Special Feature

Whenever you match three of any symbol, you will trigger the appropriate number of WinSpins in the Track and Field Mouse WinSpin bonus game. The bonus game is a 3-reel, 5-line slot game. Each spin will give you at least one guaranteed win. Regardless of which paytable you are using, the payouts in the bonus game will remain the same. Symbols on the Track & Field Mouse bonus game include (payouts listed in parenthesis): Cheese (1), Stopwatch (2), Shoe with Wings (5), Torch (10), Gold Medal (25) and Field Mouse (500). Use the WinSpins bonus game to win big on Track & Field Mouse when you play it at Gaming Club Casino!

track and field slot

Track & Field Mouse Random Features

Another popular random fruit machine feature on the Track and Fieldmouse slot machine is the hold feature. Using the hold feature, you can hold the position of any or all reels for the next spin. The “Hold” buttons will show up next to the “Spin” button. If you clicked to hold the wrong reel, you can hit the “Cancel” button to reset.

The Track & Field Mouse offers even more in-game features, such as the Shifta! feature. Whenever the Shifta! feature is activated, it will automatically hold one of the reels from your last spin and spin the remaining reels into a winning combination.

A similar feature on the Track and Fieldmouse pub slot is the Let ’em Spin feature. It is another random feature and can be activated when two of the same symbols land on the WinLine after you have used up your nudges. Do not hold any of the reels and simply hit “Spin” to spin the reels into an automatic winning combination.

Track & Field Mouse Rules

Regular slot game winnings are awarded for the symbol combination displayed on the payline only. There are no payouts for regular slot game winning combinations, only WinSpins. WinSpin Video Reels Bonus Game winnings are paid out for the highest combination on each payline. All WinSpin Video Reels Game payouts are in credits. Malfunctions void all plays and pays.

Track & Field Mouse Summary

If you’re a fan of fruit machines, Track and Field Mouse delivers everything you can expect from a solid fruit machine. While other fruit machines may have more special features to offer, Track and Field Mouse does not disappoint with more than enough special features for the slots player. To play the Track and Field Mouse fruit machine, sign up and make a deposit now at Gaming Club Casino!

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    Additional Fieldmouse Questions:

    Where can I play a free Flash game of the Track & Fieldmouse slot game?

    You can play a no-download version of the Track and Fieldmouse slot machine at Gaming Club Flash Casino and Ladbrokes Flash Casino. You can play for free or for real money. If you experience any difficulties playing the Track & Field Mouse Flash game, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

    How do I trigger the Track and Field Mouse bonus game?

    You can get to the Track and Field Mouse bonus game whenever you hit a winning combination during the regular slot game on the Track & Field Mouse slot.

    What is the top payout on the Track and Field Mouse AWP slot?

    Track & Field Mouse’s top jackpot can only be won during the bonus game. During the WinSpins bonus game, if you get 3 Field Mouse symbols on a payline, you will win the 500X top jackpot.

    What is a fruit machine?

    A fruit machine is a type of slot machine often found in pubs in the United Kingdom. These pub slots are more skill-based than your average slot machine found elsewhere due to some of their features such as nudging and holding. These features require more sense and timing, rather than simply good luck. For more fruit machine reviews, feel free to read our Billion Dollar Gran Fruit Machine Review, Bingo Bango Boom Fruit Machine Review, Cops And Robbers Fruit Machine Review, Deep Sea Dosh Fruit Machine Review, Fire-N-Dice Fruit Machine Review, Pub Fruity Fruit Machine Review and Ski Bunny Fruit Machine Review.

    How much can I win playing the Track & Field Mouse fruit machine?

    On a single spin of the WinSpins bonus game, you can win as much as 500X your bet by hitting three Fieldmouse symbols. If you are playing the maximum total bet of $10 per spin on Track & Field Mouse, you can win as much as $5,000 from a single winning combination.

    Can players from the USA play the Track and Field Mouse AWP slot for real money?

    While fruit machines are targeted towards the UK crowd rather than the American crowd, we can understand why players from the United States might be interested in trying the fruit machines out – they’re a lot of fun! Unfortunately, Microgaming casinos do not allow USA players at the moment, so they cannot play the Track & Fieldmouse fruit machine slot for real money. For an excellent alternative, American players can play the interactive slots known as the iSlots at Rockbet Casino. You can read more about Rockbet Casino by reading our Rockbet Casino Review.

    Where can I learn more about Gaming Club Casino?

    If you’d like to know more about the brilliant Gaming Club Casino where you can play the Track & Field Mouse fruit machine, you can read our Gaming Club Review.

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