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Pachamama is an April 2014 deity-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina, which has classified it under its “ethnic” and “adventure” themes. Other notable, relatable games from Endophina: Dia De Los Muertos (October 2018), Tribe (March 2018), and Mystery of Eldorado (June 2019). Other themes: Incan Empire, pre-colonial medieval South American civilization, ancient ruins, mythology, Aztec symbols, shrine, Inca religion, animal gods, goddess, stone carving, petroglyphs, rituals, Andean tradition, and gratitude ceremony. Pachamama’s rival games include Betsoft-owned Aztec Treasures (June 2011), Green Tube’s Book of Maya (September 2015), and Aztec Power (February 2013) from Green Tube.

Incan Empire-era Andean natives (especially the Quechua tribe), who occupied the western coastal strip of South America, viewed Mother Nature as a female fertility deity, thus literally naming it “Pachamama”. One symbol (Andean condor god) requires two, three, four, or five winning combinations. Nine symbols (jaguar’s head, llama god, serpent, chameleon, monkey, turtle, snail shell, leaf, and amulet) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Pachamama Game Characteristics

Pachamama has a partitioned dark olive green 5X3 grid—the cells are detached—that is engraved on a rock face; it has twelve symbols, 25 adjustable paylines, seven optional coin values, six coins per line options, 1050 total bets, an expanding tribal chief, five win multipliers, two bonus games, a side (card) game, and its regular dynamic payouts range from $0.02 to $100000.00.

Pachamama has three special symbols and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the wild and substitute is a golden bust of an Andean tribal chief; the scatter is a brown petroglyph of an Incan amulet; and the bonus-activating feature is a dark olive green petroglyph of the Incan cross called chakana.

Ordinary symbols: a Prussian blue petroglyph of an Andean condor god; a brown petroglyph of an jaguar’s head that represented a jaguar warrior; a yellow petroglyph of a llama’s head, representing animal sacrifice; an olive green petroglyph of a serpent; a green petroglyph of a chameleon; an orange petroglyph of a monkey; an ocean blue petroglyph of a turtle; a brown petroglyph of a snail shell; and a fern green petroglyph of a leaf.

Pachamama’s coin values: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, and $1. The Pachamama coins per line options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. Minimum bet: $0.01. Maximum bet is $250.00.

For instance, betting $250.00 yields these Pachamama payouts. Two, three, four, and five Andean condor gods pay $20.00, $250.00, $2000.00, and $100000.00. Three, four, and five: Incan amulets pay $500.00, $2500.00, and $12500.00; jaguar heads pay $200.00, $1000.00, and $10000.00; llama’s heads pay $200.00, $1000.00, and $7500.00; serpents pay $200.00, $1000.00, and $5000.00; chameleons pay $100.00, $100.00, and $1000.00; and monkeys, or turtles, or snail shells, or leaves pay $50.00, $100.00, and $10000.00.

Three chakana crosses unlock the Chakana Bonus, wherein the slot player ascends to the topmost level to unlock the GOLD CHAKANA BONUS whose maximum payout is 357X (357X the 250.00 max bet is $89,250.00).

A regular win prompts the Pachamama player to play the optional risk game. On the one hand, pressing “TAKE WIN” bypasses the side game, therefore claiming the payout. On the other hand, pressing “TAKE RISK” ushers in a pop-up window with one face up playing card that is a benchmark for one of the four face down playing cards that the player thinks may have a relatively greater face value—clicking a relatively inferior face value nullifies the current win, whereas clicking a relatively superior face value doubles the current win. Pachamama’s non-progressive jackpot is $100000.00.

The good Pachamama software has notable features like a turbo spin, 10-1000 autospins, game session statistics, and both right-hand and left-hand modes. The unanimated 2D graphics include cells that overturn differently and winning combination-related engravings that merely emit a golden glow. The sound effects include jingling and horn blowing; the ambient background consists of birdsongs among other varied jungle sounds.

Luck in Pachamama

The RTP rate of Pachamama, a game of chance, is 96% and the house edge is 4%.

Be responsible when gambling.

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