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The Mystery of Eldorado

The Mystery of Eldorado is a June 2019 treasure hunting-inspired video slot from Endorphina. Themes: ancient South American civilization, expedition, lost city, gemstones, Amazon Rainforest, sacrifice, myth, and Mesoamerican pyramids. Furthermore, Endorphina has included The Mystery of Eldorado in the “adventure” catalog, alongside: Mongol Treasures (January 2015), Pachamama (April 2014), Blast! Boom! Bang! (January 2014), Undine’s Deep (October 2014), Temple Cats (December 2015), Safari (November 2015), Stone Age (March 2015), The Ninja (February 2015), The Vikings (October 2015), Kamchatka (September 2018), The King (January 2015), and Aus Dem Tal (February 2020).

The Mystery of Eldorado’s rival video slots include: Jungle Jim El Dorado (September 2016) from Microgaming, El Dorado The City of Gold (January 2020) from Pragmatic Play, and El Dorado Infinity Reels (December 2019) from ReelPlay. The Mystery of Eldorado is a slot game adaptation of a Spanish conquest-era allegation of an ancient South American city of gold, where a pre-colonial tribal king from the Columbia’s Muisca tribe reportedly dusted himself with golden dust before sailing into the scared Lake Guatavita to adore water goddess Chie.

Four symbols (golden temple, male explorer, girl scout, and the porter) require two, three, four, or five winning combinations. Six symbols (golden bust, golden coin, red diamond, emerald, sapphire, and “ELDORADO” map) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

The Mystery of Eldorado Game Characteristics

The Mystery of Eldorado has a dark cyan 5X3 grid, with thin golden partitions; it is embedded on temple wall. It has eleven symbols, ten adjustable paylines, seven denominations, six bets per line, 420 bet sizes, lowly free games, expanding symbols, a gamble (side) game, and its payouts range from $0.02 to $50000.00.

The Mystery of Eldorado has two special symbols and nine ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the free spins-offering scatter is a parchment yellow “ELDORADO” topographic map on a golden labyrinth; and the expanding symbols-associated feature is a blue light-emitting vault.

Ordinary symbols: a golden Mesoamerican pyramid; a hat-tipping Caucasian male explorer in brown; a spying Caucasian girl scout, dressed in jungle green and brown; an unhealthy local porter carrying a brown treasure chest; a golden bust of the fabled Muisca tribal king nicknamed El Hombre Dorado; a golden coin bearing King El Hombre Dorado’s image; a princess cut red diamond; a princess cut emerald; and a hexagon cut sapphire.

The Mystery of Eldorado’s coin denominations: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, and $1. The Mystery of Eldorado’s “bet” per payline choices: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. Minimum total bet: $0.01. Maximum total bet: $100.00.

If the slot players stake $100.00, they win these The Mystery of Eldorado payouts, according to the respective winning combinations. Two, three, four, and five: golden temples pay $100.00, $1000.00, $10000.00, and $50000.00; male explorers pay $50.00, $400.00, $4000.00, and $20000.00; and girl scouts, or porters pay $50.00, $300.00, $1000.00, and $7500.00.

Three, four, and five: golden busts, or golden coins pay $50.00, $400.00, and $1500.00; red diamonds, or emeralds, or sapphires pay $50.00, $250.00, and $1000.00; and “ELDORADO” topographic maps pay $200.00, $2000.00, and $2000.00.

More than three “ELDORADO” topographic maps offer a batch of ten free games, alongside expandable symbols that are chosen at random. A winning combination gives a slot player two choices—either claim the payout instantly by clicking “TAKE WIN”, or proceed to the card game by clicking “TAKE RISK”.

Set on a series of Mesoamerican pyramids in the Amazon Rainforest, the card game features a face up playing card whose visible face value is compared with one of the four face down playing cards that the player is prompted to select. Guessing comparatively lower face values wipes out the current win, whereas guessing comparatively higher face values can consistently double the current win until X10 is reached. The Mystery of Elodrado’s non-progressive jackpot is $50000.00.
The features in the good Mystery of Eldorado software include: a turbo mode, a dynamic paytable, game statistics, and autoplay settings that let players customize 10-1000 autospins using a slider to set the limits. There are jungle animal sounds alongside rhythmic instrumentals. The animated 3D graphics includes: glowing symbols, dolly zoom technique, the excited porter dropping golden coins while repositioning the treasure chest on his shoulder, the girl scout watching cautiously from behind a bush, and the excited explorer dropping coins while tipping his hat.

Luck in The Mystery of Eldorado

The Mystery of Eldorado is a game of chance. During the card game, the dealt playing card determines the RTP rate, including card “A” that has a lowly 42% and card “2” that has a highly 162%; on average, the side game’s RTP rate is 84% and house edge is 16%. The regular game’s RTP rate is 96% and the house edge is 4%.

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