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A slot game adaptation of a similarly named world-famous Japanese cuisine, Sushi is a December 2014 Endorphina-owned video slot. A Feng Shui ideology-themed game, the developer has classified Sushi under the “oriental” theme, together with seven other slot games, namely: Ancient Troy (March 2019), Durga (December 2017), Chunjie (January 2017), The Ninja (February 2015), Geisha (August 2015), The Emirate (January 2015), and Mongol Treasures (January 2015). Sushi’s rival games include: Sushi Bar (December 2012) from Betsoft, Sushi Nights (August 2019) from XIN Gaming, and Lucky Sushi (December 2018) from Tuko Productions.
The noun “Sushi” refers to a rolled or balled up fruity Japanese cuisine that is mainly made of vinegary rice, supplemented with either seafood or leafy greens. All Sushi symbols require three winning combinations.

Sushi Game Characteristics

Sushi has a 3X3 grid, set on a brown reed mat that has maroon woolen partitions. On both sides of the grid, there are red numberings showing the five adjustable paylines. Sushi has seven symbols: one lone and six paired symbols. Other characteristics: seven coin denominations, six bets per line choices, free spins, 210 total bets, and its payouts are between $0.05 and $5000.00.

Sushi has one special symbol and six ordinary symbols. A full-time special symbol, the free spins-activating scatter is a Japanese flag-like golden-and-black “SUSHI VIP card 20%” meal card. There is a part special, part ordinary wild-cum-substitute symbol called Wasabi Shoga—sushi made of shoga (pickled ginger) and wasabi (a horseradish leaf).

These are the remaining five ordinary symbols. Paired Ikura dishes—sushi made of red salmon eggs, served with sparrow grass. Paired Tabiko Shake dishes—sushi made of vinegary rice, topped with a fried egg, and garnished with coriander. Paired Maguro Tabiko dishes—sushi made of vinegary rice, tuna meat, and served with cabbage. Paired Abokado Tabiko dishes—sushi made of vinegary rice and avocado. Paired Hotatekai Tabiko dishes—sushi made of vinegary rice and sea scallops.

Sushi coin denominations: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, and $1. Sushi coins per line can be: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10. Minimum bet: $0.01. Maximum bet: $50.00.

For example, the $50.00 bet has these Sushi payouts for three winning combinations. Wasabi Shoga dishes pay $5000.00. Paired Ikura dishes pay $2500.00. Paired Tabiko Shake dishes pay $1000.00. “SUSHI VIP card 20%” meal cards pay $500.00. Paired Maguro Tabiko dishes pay $200.00. Paired Abokado Tabiko dishes pay $100.00. Paired Hotatekai Tabiko dishes pay $50.00.

Three “SUSHI VIP card 20%” meal cards activate a batch of 20 free spins wherein the hitherto ordinary Wasabi Shoga dishes are transformed into a special symbol—a wild that can substitute for Paired Ikura, paired Tabiko Shake, paired Maguro Tabiko, paired Abokado Tabiko, and paired Hotatekai Tabiko dishes.
Every winning combination comes with an opportunity to play the risk game via the “TAKE RISK” (replaces “AUTO”) button; this side game can be ignored by pressing “TAKE WIN” (replaces “SPIN”) button to claim the payout.

Procedure: immediately the “TAKE RISK” button is clicked, five playing cards are laid out on the reed mat alongside Feng Shui coins. For comparison purpose, the leftmost card flips to display its face value, prompting the player to tap or click one of the remaining four face down cards that possibly possesses a comparatively higher face value. Predicting a comparatively lower face value nullifies the current win; predicting a comparatively higher face value shows, under “gamble to win”, doubled current win. Sushi’s non-progressive jackpot is $5000.00.

Sushi has good software, with: red buttons, session statistics, and 10-999 customizable auto spins. There is Japanese folk instrumental. The grid is embedded on rough waters with floating sea weed. The 3D graphics are subtly animated, including the winning paylines snaking across the grid and the dolly zoom effect on the dishes.

Luck in Sushi

A game of chance, Sushi has different sets of RTP rates. The regular game’s RTP rate is 96% and the house edge is 4%. However, the RTP rates for ten of the thirteen playing cards in the risk game are unique; they are between 42% (example: for face value “A”) and 162% (example: for face value “2”). Nevertheless, the side game has, on average, an RTP rate of 84% and a house edge of 16%.

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