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Mongol Treasures

Mongol Treasures is a January 2015 empire-based Endorphina-owned video slot. Endorphina has classified it under its “oriental”, “ethnic”, and “adventure” themes. Other themes: land empire, nomadic tradition, Mongolian landscapes, card game, royalty, falconry, Mongol horses, horseback riding, minimalism life, and yurt camping.

The developer has listed Mongol Treasures alongside its other slot games like Geisha (August 2015), The Ninja (February 2015), Chunjie (January 2017), and Durga (December 2017). Mongol Treasures’ rival games include Genghis The Great (December 2018) from Skywind Group, Wild Warrior (July 2019) from Spin Games, and Horsemen (February 2015) from Bally Wulff.

Mongol Treasures is a slot game adaptation of the minimalism way of life traditionally associated with the natives of the East Asian nation called Mongolia, contextually during the medieval reign of emperor Genghis Khan. Four symbols (emperor Genghis Khan, cremello horse, dark bay horse, and buckskin horse) require two, three, four, for five winning combinations. Six symbols (A, K, Q, J, 10, and Grand Empress Borte) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Mongol Treasures Game Characteristics

Mongol Treasures has a parchment yellow 5X3 grid, set in a partitioned brown frame; ten expandable symbols, ten adjustable paylines, free spins, seven denominations, six bets per payline options, 420 total bets, and regularly pays between $0.02 and $50000.00.

The lone special symbol is a free games-offering scatter that comprises of a smiling Mongolian Grand Empress Borte (Genghis Khan’s wife), dressed in red regal costume and standing in a floral garden.

The nine ordinary symbols: an impassive brown-haired Mongolian emperor Genghis Khan, dressed in a floral brown attire and in front of a mountain range; a harnessed cremello horse beside a mountain glacier; a harnessed dark bay horse by a grayish river system; a harnessed buckskin horse on a rolling grassland; a red A; an orange K; a yellow Q; green J; and a purple 10.

Mongol Treasures denominations: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.2, $0.5, and $1. Mongol Treasures bet per active payline choices: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. Minimum bet: $0.01. Maximum bet: $100.00.

Betting $100.00 offers these Mongol Treasures payouts. Two, three, four, and five: emperor Genghis Khan pays $100.00, $1000.00, $10000.00, and $50000.00; cremello horses pay $50.00, $400.00, $4000.00, and $20000.00; and dark bay horses, or buckskin horses pay $50.00, $300.00, $1000.00, and $7500.00.

Three, four, and five: As, or Ks pay $50.00, $400.00, and $1500.00; Qs, or Js, or 10s pay $50.00, $250.00, and $1000.00; and Grand Empress Borte pays $200.00, $2000.00, and $20000.00.

Grand empress Borte can appear 3-5 times, thereby (re)activating a batch of ten free spins where a symbol chosen at random starts expanding. The risk game—capped at X10 and unlocked by a regular win—is bypassed by pressing “TAKE WIN”, prompting players to instantly claim their wins. Pressing “TAKE RISK” prompts a pop-up window with five face down cyan-and-white playing cards. The leftmost flips to reveal itself, therefore challenging the player to guess which among the remaining four face down cards is relatively valued higher—incorrect guesses nullify wins, whereas correct guesses double the gamble amount. Mongol Treasures’ non-progressive jackpot is $50000.00.

The good Mongol Treasures software has a hamburger button that facilitates a turbo mode, customizable 10-1000 autospins, statistics, on/off sound settings, and on/off left-hand mode. The ambient music is a blend of Mongolian instrumental folk music and howling wind. Sound effects: a ringing bell and empress Borte saying, “Huh?”

In the free spins mode, Borte and Khan are seen posing majestically in front of their yurt tent; the expandable symbol materializes on the taut brown tent door. The Animated 3D graphics: glistening symbols, windblown debris, flashing banks of clouds, nodding and pacing horses, fluttering butterflies in the floral garden, sun rays, and the fluttering hair of a sneering Genghis Khan.

Luck in Mongol Treasures

A game of chance, the RTP rate of Mongol Treasures is 96% and the house edge is 4%.

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