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Jolly Dicers

Jolly Dicers is a pirating-and-dicing November 2019 html5 video slot. Developer: Dice Lab. Distributor: Relax Gaming. The game’s plot concerns three cheerful prowling pirates (clean-shaven hulky pirate in orange and red; ginger-haired dwarf pirate Captain Hawkins in purple; and brown-haired lean pirate with a goatee), alongside their orange-and-turquoise pet rooster, whose pastime is spent playing a dice game. Other themes: explosives, magic, treasure, and naval battle.

Dice Lab owns three other games: Sugar Cubes (February 2020), Sugar Cubes Halloween (upcoming March 2021), and Slotdice (January 2019).

Jolly Dicers’ rival games include Pirates Dice (June 2019) from Gaming1, Pirate Dice (September 2019) from FunFair, and Roll the Dice (January 2018) from Evoplay Entertainment. Winning combinations: four symbols (pistols, cutlasses, ball bomb, and potion jar) require opposing two-of-a-kind; and six ordinary symbols (one-pip dice, two-pip dice, three-pip dice, four-pip dice, five-pip dice, and six-pip dice) require four to 16 horizontal and/or vertical clusters.

Jolly Dicers Game Characteristics
Jolly Dicers is set on a wooden pirate ship; its two non-partitioned grids (generally: 6X6 grid) are embedded on the sailing ship’s standing rigging. The interior 4X4 grid (the dwarf spins it) has cascading reels with dices only; and is surrounded by a 1X1 grid (the hulky pirate spins it) whose special symbols rotate clockwise along a roped block and tackle system.

This non-payline game has twelve symbols, eleven total bets, +1 win multipliers, (extra) free games, bonus game, and side game. Regular payouts: from X0.1 to X0.2 per dice; from $0.08 (four-dice cluster) to $320.00 (16-dice cluster).

Jolly Dicers has six special symbols and six ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substituting wild is a “W” pentagonal token; the bonus game/free games-triggering scatter is a golden skull-embossed coin; the dice-upgrading feature is a pink magic potion; the dice-destroying feature is a skull-embossed white-and-black ball bomb; the lowly dice-destroying feature is crisscrossing cutlasses; and the highly dice-destroying feature is crisscrossing flintlock pistols.

Ordinary symbols: one-pip dice from weathered oak; two-pip dice from walnut; three-pip dice from cherry wood; four-pip dice from poplar; five-pip dice from mahogany; and six-pip dice from dark oak.
The Jolly Dicers bet sizes: $0.10 (minimum bet), $0.20, $0.30, $0.50, $1.00, $2.50, $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet).

These are the Jolly Dicers payouts for 4-16 clustered winning symbols. One-pip dice, or two-pip dice, or three-pip dice pays X0.1—pays from $0.08 to $160.00. Four-pip dice, or five-pip dice pays X0.15—pays from $0.12 to $240.00. Six-pip dice pays X0.2—pays from $0.16 to $320.00.

After each winning combination, the hulky pirate reels in the outer 1X1 grid in a free re-spin. Symbols may pop up from below and join the outer grid, and wilds may reveal symbols; each back-to-back free re-spin is a +1 win multiplier that begin from X1. Two-of-a-kind of pistols/cutlasses/ball bombs/potion jars on opposing positions on the outer grid form a win.

A set of opposing two-of-a-kind of pirate coins, on the outer grid, load six free games for the bonus game. 2+ sets of opposing pirate coins offer six extra free games, where the lean and dwarf pirates face off (by dice rolling in captain’s room) in ticking off (“X” markings) the respective dices on a parchment yellow scroll. Two potion jars in opposing positions upgrade the four aligned dices (of the inner grid) into four six-pip dices.

Two ball bombs on opposing positions bombard the aligned dices (of the inner grid), making them payable. Two crisscrossing cutlasses on opposing positions destroy the one-pip dices, two-pip dices and three-pip dices all over the grid that then trigger their respective payouts. Two crisscrossing pistols on opposing positions destroy the four-pip dices, five-pip dices and six-pip dices all over the grid that then trigger their own payouts. Winnings resulting from destroyed symbols may reach X533, which is (533X100) up to $53300.00.

In the three-round bowsprit-walking side game resulting from six back-to-back re-spins; a win is followed by a pop-up window that prompts players to gamble or collect. The ensuing dice game is set in an empty opened treasure chest. The lean pirate marches along a bowsprit towards one of the brown gunny sack—based on the highest dice after rolling; the pirate may pick a “+200%” sack, “+20%” sack, “+10%” sack, “+10%” sack, “-70%” sack, or “-80%” sack. Side game’s wins may reach X216, which is (216X100) up to $21600.00. Jolly Dicers’ non-progressive jackpot is X115528, which (100X115528) is $11552800.00.

The good Jolly Dicers software: icons on rigging and helm; desktop and mobile versions; no win/loss limit, $0.10.00-$10.00 loss limit, $5.00-$500.00 win limit, or $1.00-$100.00 single win limit; and 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, and endless autospins.

Sounds: orchestral instrumental; emotive pirates, crowing, clinking, gunshots, blast, clanging, and whirring sound effects. The animated 3D graphics: chewing skull, marching and diving pirate, coastal birds in flight, cruising sea vessels, glimmering sea, dusty dices, pulley system mechanism, peeping rooster, clashing swords, hat tip, exploding ball bombs, gunfire, luminosity, and dice rolling.

Luck in Jolly Dicers
Jolly Dicers is a game of chance. Main game: RTP rate is 96.39%; house edge is 3.61%. Side game: RTP rate is 97.50%; the house edge is 2.50%.

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