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Slotdice is a dicing hml5 video slot from developer Dice Lab. Its distributor Relax Gaming released it on January 23, 2019. Gameplay: modeled on the dice game called Yatch, Slotdice players seek at least three similar dices in their bid to move from levels one to 25.

other dicing Dice Lab-owned video slots: Jolly Dicers (November 2019), Sugar Cubes (February 2020), and Sugar Cubes Halloween (May 2021). Slotdice’s rival games include 100 Spinning Dice (December 2019) from Spinomenal, Classic Dice 5 Reels (January 2019) from StakeLogic, and Flashing Dice (February 2020) from Fazi.

Slotdice Game Characteristics
Slotdice has neither winning ways nor an apparent grid. Instead, the dices roll back and forth on the display device. There are five dices, nineteen total bets, four bonus games whose multipliers are from X0.75 to X5000, no special symbols, and neither free games nor a side game. It regularly pays X0.75 for three-of-a-king of dices, which is between $0.75 and $1875.00.

Slotdice has five ordinary symbols, comprising of five red-and-white dices: one-pip face, two-pip face, three-pip face, four-pip face, five-pip face, and six-pip face. Only five faces can be drawn, out of the six dice’s faces.

Slotdice’s bet sizes: $1.00 (minimum bet), $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00, $10.00, $20.00, $30.00, $40.00, $50.00, $60.00, $70.00, $80.00, $90.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet).
Slotdice’s 25 pixelated levels are numbered, from down to top, on the game’s home page in alternating teal and gray colors. Slotdice’s payouts: game level X stake X 0.75. For instance, the $100.00 bet yields these highest Slotdice payouts for game levels one to 25.

Game level 1: 100X1X0.75=$75.00. Game level 2: $150.00. Game level 3: $225.00. Game level 4: $300.00. Game level 5: $375.00. Game level 6: $450.00. Game level 7: $525.00. Game level 8: $600.00. Game level 9: $675.00. Game level 10: $750.00. Game level 11: $825.00. Game level 12: $900.00.
Game level 13: $975.00. Game level 14: $1050.00. Game level 15: $1125.00. Game level 16: $1200.00. Game level 17: $1275.00. Game level 18: $1350.00. Game level 19: $1425.00. Game level 20: $1500.00. Game level 21: $1575.00. Game level 22: $1650.00. Game level 23: $1725.00. Game level 24: $1800.00. Game level 25: $1875.00.

Slotdice’s four ten-level bonus games: Crazy Straight bonus game, Hero Call bonus game, Lucky Four bonus game, and Golden One bonus game. The Crazy Straight bonus is unlocked when the dice game results in a two-pip dice, three-pip dice, four-pip dice, five-pip dice, and six-pip dice; in the crazy straight game’s ten rounds, players roll two dices whose collective pips must exceed 2 in game level one and at least +1 pip for each subsequent round.

Crazy Straight game’s highest range of payouts (for $100.00 bet)—bet X specified bet multiplier. Game level 1 (2+ pips): 100X0.50=$50.00. Game level 2 (3+ pips): 100X1.00=$100.00. Game level 3 (4+ pips): $100X1.50= $150.00. Game level 4 (5+ pips): $100X2.00= $200.00. Game level 5 (6+ pips): $100X2.50= $250.00. Game level 6 (7+ pips): $100X4.00= $400.00. Game level 7 (8+ pips): $100X7.00= $700.00. Game level 8 (9+ pips): $100X20.00= $2000.00. Game level 9 (10+ pips): $100X100.00= $10000.00. Game level 10 (11+ pips): $100X1000.00= $100000.00.

The Hero Call bonus is unlocked when the dice game results in a three-of-a-kind of dices and two-of-a-kind of dices. Game level 1 (rolling one dice; 1+ pips): 100X3.00=$300.00. Game level 2 (rolling two dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X4.50=$450.00. Game level 3 (rolling three dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X6.00=$600.00.

Game level 4 (rolling four dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X7.50=$750.00. Game level 5 (rolling five dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X10=$1000.00. Game level 6 (rolling six dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X14.00=$1400.00. Game level 7 (rolling seven dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X19.00=$1900.00. Game level 8 (rolling eight dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X30=$3000.00. Game level 9 (rolling nine dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X150=$15000.00. Game level 10 (rolling ten dices; more than previously drawn pips): 100X1500=$150000.00.

The Lucky Four bonus is unlocked when the dice game results in a four-of-a-kind of dices. Game level 1 (rolling ten dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X5.00=$500.00. Game level 2 (rolling nine dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X8.00=$800.00. Game level 3 (rolling eight dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X11.00=$1100.00.

Game level 4 (rolling seven dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X15.00=$1500.00. Game level 5 (rolling six dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X21.00=$2100.00. Game level 6 (rolling five dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X28.00=$2800.00. Game level 7 (rolling four dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X36.00=$3600.00. Game level 8 (rolling three dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X45.00=$4500.00. Game level 9 (rolling two dices; get a four-pip dice): 100X200.00=$20000.00. Game level 10 (rolling one dice; get a four-pip dice): 100X2000.00=$200000.00.

The Golden One bonus is unlocked when the dice game results in a five-of-a-kind of dices. Requirement: fast rolling most of the five one-pip dices. Game level 10: 100X50=$5000.00. Level 9: 100X60=$6000.00. Level 8: 100X75=$7500.00. Level 7: 100X95=$9500.00. Level 6: 100X120=$12000.00. Level 5: 100X160=$16000.00. Level 4: 100X250=$25000.00. Level 3: 100X500=$50000.00. Level 2: 100X800=$80000.00. Level 1: 100X5000=$500000.00 (non-progressive jackpot).

The good Slotdice software: self-adjusting graphics; customizable loss and (single) win limits for its 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, and endless autospins; and normal, fast, or turbo speed settings. Sounds: disco beats; ringing, bleeping, and clinking sound effects. The animated digital graphics include shadowed rolling dices.

Luck in Slotdice
A game of chance, Slotdice’s RTP rate is 97.77% and the house edge is 2.23%.

Be responsible when gambling.

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