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War of Titans

Also called Titanomakhia, the Greek mythology-related decade-long Titan War—pitting the Titan gods against the overthrowing Olympian gods—is the basis for the runic June 2008 video slot War of Titans.

Smiling Joker

The fruity June 2016 video slot Smiling Joker is a sequel to Smiling Joker 2 (August 2018) that, together with Smiling 1Lnr (2022), are in the vintage Smiling line. Other joker-branded games from the developer Apollo Games: Horror Joker (March … Continue reading


In the October 2018 video slot Pandora, Apollo Games has developed a mythological game adaptation of—and named after—the evil, earliest mortal female Pandora; she was the brainchild of fire god Hephaestus whose contractor, sky god Zeus, was retaliating against the … Continue reading

Mystery Apollo II

Named after its developer Apollo Games; the retro March 2019 game Mystery Apollo II is fourth in the Mystery series, including: Mystery Casino (February 2015), Mystery Joker (December 2015), and Mystery Joker 2 (September 2018). The fruity Mystery Apollo II’s … Continue reading

Jewel Fruit

The fruity and starry June 2008 Jewel Fruit is among the earliest video slots from developer Apollo Games whose remaining Fruit-branded video slots are Midnight Fruits 81 (2018), Four Fruits 2 (October 2018), Four Fruits, Wild Fruits (2016), Wooden Fruits … Continue reading

Horror Joker

Developed by Apollo Games; the horrific March 2019 game Horror Joker is seventh in the seven-game Joker series whose other video slots, chronologically, are: Bonus Joker (November 2015), Mystery Joker (December 2015), Smiling Joker (June 2016), Bonus Joker 2 (August … Continue reading

Hell Game

The devilish March 2019 video slot Hell Game, from developer Apollo Games, is thematically similar Sizzle Fire (August 2020), Horror Joker (March 2019), Occultum 81 (May 2020), Blood (October 2018), and Blood Revival (September 2019).

Four Fruits 2

The October 2018 video slot Four Fruits 2’s prequel is Four Fruits. More retro and fruity games from their developer Apollo Games: Midnight Fruits 81 (2018), Jewel Fruit (2008), Wooden Fruits (2018), Multi Fruits (2016), and Wild Fruits (2016).

El Dorado Treasure

The Mesoamerican March 2020 game El Dorado Treasure’s title is a reference to artifacts related to the supposed lakeside El Dorado City beside Lake Parime, according to the imagination of the Columbian Muisca tribe.


The April 2018 game Atlantis is a video slot adaptation of an Athenian island-turned-underwater city—in Atlantic Ocean, near Gibraltar; called Atlantis; and engineered by sea god Poseidon—that was philosophized by ancient Greek thinker Plato.

Turbo Slots

Turbo Slots is a part retro, part scientific October 2018 video slot whose developer Apollo Games used it as the basis for Turbo Slots 81 (February 2019). Themes: retrofuturism, robotics, cyberpunk, card game, fruits, and science fiction.

Rich Fish

The October 2018 video slot Rich Fish is relatable to Atlantis (April 2018)—both are from developer Apollo Games. Themes: coral reef, card game and values, and reef fish.

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