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Rich Fish

The October 2018 video slot Rich Fish is relatable to Atlantis (April 2018)—both are from developer Apollo Games. Themes: coral reef, card game and values, and reef fish.

Four symbols (turtle, lionfish, jelly fish, and butterflyfish) require two, three, four, or five combinations. Seven symbols (seahorse, starfish, crab, A, K, J, and Q) require three, four, or five matches.

Rich Fish Game Characteristics

Generally, Rich Fish has: five rightward winning ways (across the top, center, and bottom reels; V-shaped and ꓥ-shaped); reel-long “wild” octopus; gamble side card game; three progressive jackpots (gold, silver and bronze—bottom left); and three lowly win multipliers.

Rich Fish’s translucent 5X3 grid is suspended in a coral reef teeming with loitering silhouettes of reef fish. On clicking the cyan “bet” icon—beside “start”—the white-and-gray pop-up bar enables the placement of Rich Fish’s thirteen total bets: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, and $60.00 (maximum bet).

Rich Fish has twelve symbols. One special symbol: a substituting orange octopus holding a “wild” sea cucumber (its appearance excludes first reel). Eleven ordinary symbols: a white-and-brown turtle; lionfish; purple jelly fish; threadfin butterflyfish; green seahorse; orange starfish alongside three purple sea urchins; white-and-purple crab; green-and-golden fish-embedded purple-and-lavender A, purple-and-green K, purple-and-yellow J, and purple-and-orange Q card values.

Rich Fish’s regularly pays between X1 and X256. Three J or Q pay X1, four J or Q pay X2, and five J or Q pay X4. Three A or K pay X2, four A or K pay X4, and five A or K pay X8. Three seahorses or starfish pay X3, four seahorses or starfish pay X6, and five seahorses or starfish pay X16. Three crabs pay X4, four crabs pay X8, and five crabs pay X32.

Two jellyfish pay X3, three jellyfish pay X6, four jellyfish pay X12, and five jellyfish pay X64. Two threadfin butterflyfish pay X4, three butterflyfish pay X8, four butterflyfish pay X16, and five butterflyfish pay X128. Two turtles pay X6, three turtles pay X12, four turtles pay X32, and five turtles pay X256. Two lionfish pay X8, three lionfish pay X16, four lionfish pay X128, and five lionfish pay X500.

There is a five-second window for deciding whether to play (or claim winnings) the card game after a regular win, where a flickering white playing card A pops up after clicking the “gamble” icon at bottom left. The players guess (result: wins-doubling correct, or wins-nullifying incorrect guesses) the card suit’s color by clicking: “red” for diamonds or hearts suits; or “black” for clubs or spades suits.

The win multipliers are: X3 multiplier for A/K/J/Q winning combinations in the first to third reels; X4 multiplier for card values in the first to fourth reels; and X5 multiplier for card values in all reels. Maximum regular win: $30000.00 (for five lionfish).

The Rich Fish software features: HTML5 technology, mobile/desktop versions, game history, indefinite auto-start; and English, Dutch, French, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian, Roman, Dutch, Serbian, German, Chinese, and Vietnamese languages.

Sounds: ambient breaking waves; and tapping and retro effects. Animated 3D graphics: floating symbols, swimming fish, flashing, ascending bubbles, swaying sea plants, dolly zooming, and swirling schools of fish.

Luck in Rich Fish

Rich Fish, a game of chance, has a 95.00% RTP rate and a 5.00% house edge.

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