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The April 2018 game Atlantis is a video slot adaptation of an Athenian island-turned-underwater city—in Atlantic Ocean, near Gibraltar; called Atlantis; and engineered by sea god Poseidon—that was philosophized by ancient Greek thinker Plato.

Pandora (October 2018) and War of Titans (June 2008) are other Greek mythology-inspired games from Apollo Games, the maker of the marine animal-themed Atlantis whose: four symbols (clamshell, porcupinefish, crab, and 9) require two to five-of-a-kind; and nine symbols (clownfish, octopus, starfish, turtle, A, K, 10, Q, and J) three to five-of-a-kind.

Atlantis Game Characteristics

Atlantis’ generalized features: optional card game, personification, 5 rightward winning ways, one set of wins-tripling free games, three systematic jackpots, wins-doubling fish, thirteen symbols, from X0.40 to X500 odds, $0.08 to $108000.00 regular payouts, and thirteen total bets.

A coral reef is in the background of the Atlantis’ transparent 5X3 grid whose freestanding dark azure reels have, beneath them, intersecting color-coded winning lines embedded on sandy white pillars. Pay lines: first is orange; second is cyan; third is turquoise; fourth is yellow; and fifth is purple.

Atlantis’ total bets: $0.20 (minimum), $$0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, and $60.00 (maximum).

Atlantis’ two special symbols: the substituting wild is a smiling clownfish with wins-doubling capability; and the free games activator is a clamshell.

Atlantis’ eleven ordinary symbols: surprised porcupinefish; staring orange crab; smiling yellow octopus; starfish; curious turtle; and bubbly daffodil yellow-and-purple A, K, 9, 10, Q, and J.

Atlantis’s wins vary. Three 10, J or Q pay X1; four 10, J or Q pay X5; and five 10, J or Q pay X20. Three A or K pay X2, four A or K pay X10, and five A or K pay X25. Three starfish or turtles pay X3, four starfish or turtles pay X15, and five starfish or turtles pay X50. Three octopuses pay X4, four octopuses pay X20, and five octopuses pay X80. Three clownfish pay X50, four clownfish pay X500, and five clownfish pay X1800.

Two porcupinefish or crabs pay X0.40, three porcupinefish or crabs pay X5, four porcupinefish or crabs pay X25, and five porcupinefish or crabs pay X150. Two 9 X0.40, three 9 pay X1, four 9 pay X5, and five 9 pay X20. Two clamshells pay X2, three clamshells pay X5, four clamshells pay X20, and five clamshells pay X500.

Substituted wins are doubled. 3+ clamshells offer 15 free games whose wins get X3 win multipliers. The randomized default gold, silver and bronze jackpot counter are below. In the side “gamble” game, predicting if the flickering playing card A’s stoppage suit color is black or red results in a payout-nullifying wrong prediction or payout-doubling correct prediction.

The yellow-turned-golden pyramid below tracks the five maximum gamble chances. The non-wagered maximum regular win is X1800, or (1800X60) $108000.00.

The Atlantis’ features: HTML5 technology; auto start; mobile/desktop-enabled; and fourteen languages (English, German, French, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Chinese) and their respective currencies.

Sound effects: rustling, retro, and ding. The Atlantis’ animated 3D graphics include a flickering card and merely dolly zooming symbols.

Luck in Atlantis

A game of chance, Atlantis’s RTP rate is 95.00%; its house edge is 5.00%.

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