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Hell Game

The devilish March 2019 video slot Hell Game, from developer Apollo Games, is thematically similar Sizzle Fire (August 2020), Horror Joker (March 2019), Occultum 81 (May 2020), Blood (October 2018), and Blood Revival (September 2019).

Themes: occult, spiritualism, treasure, card games, infernal, and eternal torment. Seven symbols (skull, tridents, scroll, face mask, dog, pot, and cross) require three-of-a-kind to five-of-a-kind. Four symbols (seven-card rummy, treasure chest, pentagram, and burning hand) require two-of-a-kind to five-of-a-kind.

Hell Game’s Characteristics

The Hell Game’s general features: repopulating female devil, three lowly win multipliers, twelve symbols, nineteen total bets, card-related bonus game, and five rightward winning ways.

The Hell Game has a hellish red background for its 5X3 grid; horned skulls, starry bats, and tridents are embedded in its red frame and partitions. The Roman numerals IV, II, I, III, and V affixed to the margins indicate the trajectories of its winning lines—along top, middle, bottom; V-shaped and ꓥ-shaped.

Hell Game’s total bets: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $0.60, $0.70, $0.80, $0.90, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $30.00, $40.00, and $50.00 (maximum).

Hell Game has one special and eleven ordinary symbols. Special symbol: the substituting wild is a sexy, black-dressed and blue-haired female devil in golden skull ornaments.

Ordinary symbols: devilish yellow-eyed skull; crisscrossing red-tipped cyan tridents; red-written white occult obligation scroll; scary four-headed off-white face mask; red Petrine cross on a gray wildebeest’s skull; red-eyed brown dog’s head in a skull-embedded chain; boiling skull-encircled gray pot with four horn-inspired legs; fedora-wearing, red-handed yellow-eyed and dark face flashing a seven-card rummy; cow skull-embedded orange pentagram; red-and-golden treasure chest; burning coin-holding feminine hand.

Hell Game pays from X1 (or $0.10) to X500 (or $25000.00). Three scrolls or paired tridents pay X1, scrolls or tridents pay X2, and five scrolls or tridents pay X4. Three crosses or face masks pay X2, four crosses or face masks pay X4, and five crosses or face masks pay X8.

Three dogs or pots pay X3, four dogs or pots pay X6, and five dogs or pots pay X16. Three devilish skulls pay X4, four skulls pay X8, and five skulls pay X32. Two pentagrams pay X3, three pentagrams pay X6, four pentagrams pay X12, and five pentagrams pay X64.

Two seven-card rummies pay X4, three seven-card rummies pay X8, four seven-card rummies pay X16, and five seven-card rummies pay X128. Two burning hands pay X6, three burning hands pay X12, four burning hands pay X32, and five burning hands pay X256. Two treasure chests pay X8, three chests pay X16, four chests pay X128, and five chests pay X500.

Regular wins are either taken or gamble, partially or wholly: after guessing the upcoming red or black suit card, the pop-up twelve white cards (red 3, black 4, red 5, black 6, red 7, black 8, red 9, black 10, red J, black Q, red K, or black A) at the bottom ripple before one card overshadows the others. Result: doubling (right guess) or losing (wrong guess) the gambled amount.

The scrolls/tridents/face mask/cross-related wins in: reels 1-3 offer X3 win multiplier; reels 1-4 offer X4 multiplier; and reels 1-5 offer X5 multiplier. Maximum single win: $25000.00.

Lacking free games and auto spins aside; the HTML5 slot Hell Game has mobile/desktop versions, auto start, playing history, and 15 translations. Sounds: ambient classical instrumental; and clanging effects. The animated 3D graphics: burning hand, blue glint, chuckling devils, tridents revealing “666”, undulating playing cards, devil’s electrocution, and rolling scroll’s automatic writing.

Luck in Hell Game

Hell Game is a game of luck. RTP rate: 95.00%. House edge: 5.00%.

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