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Turbo Slots

Turbo Slots is a part retro, part scientific October 2018 video slot whose developer Apollo Games used it as the basis for Turbo Slots 81 (February 2019). Themes: retrofuturism, robotics, cyberpunk, card game, fruits, and science fiction.

The developer’s relatable game: Burning Dice (April 2008), Multi Fruits (September 2016), Golden Age (February 2016), Midnight Fruits 81 (2022), Mystery Casino (February 2015), Wild Fruits (July 2016), Mystery Joker (December 2015), and Joker series.

Four symbols (BAR, diamond, bell, and 7) need two, three, or four, or five winning combinations. Seven symbols (plum, grapes, watermelon, lemon, cherries, orange, and kiwi fruit) require two, three, or four, or five combinations

Turbo Slots Game Characteristics

Turbo Slots’ general characteristics: three selective win multipliers, twelve symbols, thirteen bet sizes, five rightward winning ways, X1 to X500 regular payouts, side game, and three progressive jackpots.

Turbo Slots has a partitioned gray 5X3 grid on a glowing cyan steampunk piping system fitted with robotic arms. Pay lines: across top row (first), across middle row (second), across the bottom row (third), V-shaped, and ꓥ-shaped.

Turbo Slots’ total bets: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, and $60.00 (maximum bet).

Turbo Slots’ one special symbol: the substituting wild is a cyan-cored four-legged red-and-off white robot. Eleven ordinary symbols: a golden BAR on a blue-and-red stylized atom; a shiny blue diamond; a golden bell; a crimson-and-orange 7; a Damson plum; a bunch of grapes; a halved watermelon; a lemon; cherries; an orange; and a halved kiwi fruit.

Turbo Slots’ payouts range from $0.20 to $30000.00. Three cherries or lemons pay X1, four cherries or lemons pay X2, and five cherries or lemons pay X4. Three oranges or kiwi fruits pay X2, four oranges or kiwi fruits pay X4, and five oranges or kiwi fruits pay X8.

Three plums or grapes pay X3, four plums or grapes pay X6, and five plums or grapes pay X16. Three watermelons pay X4, four watermelons pay X8, and five watermelons pay X32. Two bells pay X3, three bells pay X6, four bells pay X12, and five bells pay X64.

Two 7 pay X4, three 7 pay X8, four 7 pay X16, and five 7 pay X128. Two BARs pay X6, three BARs pay X12, four BARs pay X32, and five BARs pay X256. Two diamonds pay X8, three diamonds pay X16, four diamonds pay X128, and five diamonds pay X500 (or $30000.00 maximum single win).

The win multipliers are limited to winning combinations involving lemons, kiwi fruits, cherries, or oranges, where: a X3 win multiplier is for these fruits in first to third reels; X4 win multiplier for fruits in reels one to four; and X5 win multiplier in the first to fifth reels.

Regular wins can be claimed—by pressing “take”—or gambled in a side game (with a shuffling card A’s colors) whose red or black color predictions nullify the payout if wrong, while the correct predictions are payout-doubling. The lowly gold, silver, and bronze progressive jackpot counters are at bottom left.

A HTML game, Turbo Slots has: mobile and desktop versions; automatic start; on/off clinking, vintage, and robotic sound effects; playing history; and is available in 15 languages—Dutch, Slovak, French, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Czech, Roman, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Chinese, English, and Hungarian.

The animated 3D graphics: spinning mechanical parts, flashing, self-shuffling playing card, and retracting robot.

Luck in Turbo Slots

Turbo Slots is a game of luck. RTP rate: 95.00%. House edge: 5.00%.

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