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La Roulette

Over the years, gaming software developers have successfully developed roulette variants fitted with multiple roulette wheels while still adhering to the basics of the roulette game. This statement fittingly describes the Internet casino game called La Roulette, which is fitted with four more optional roulette wheels besides the regular roulette wheel.

La Roulette, which was released in August 2010, is a product of a Union of the Comoros-based gaming company called Scotland Entertainment S.A. and is offered via its affiliate website called Win A Day Casino. This table game is specifically listed under the classic roulette games sub-category, alongside a twin roulette variant called Roulette 5—this variant is modelled on the American roulette. The possibility of extra winnings due to the multi-faceted wheel delights La Roulette players as they hopefully wait for the spinning roulette ball to pause beside a wagered pocket.

La Roulette: Game Review
La Roulette is modelled on European Roulette, which implies that each of the five roulette wheels has pockets for numbers 1 to 36 pockets plus the “0”. The bets, whether lone bets or combinations, are placed in the betting grid, below the sign reading, “place your bets”. The betting chips, which are located between “wheels” and “spin” icons, have the following values: $0.10, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and $25.00.

The normal procedure of playing the standard roulette game still applies here; however, a major thing that deviates from the usual process is the option of more wheels. After placing their bets and prior to pressing the “spin” icon, La Roulette players can decide whether to play using the standard lone roulette wheel; alternatively, they can opt to activate the other wheels using the “wheels” icon at the bottom left, which multiplies their bets accordingly. For example, activating the five roulette wheels multiples the initial bet by five; in turn, this leads to five different outcomes.

The minimum bet in La Roulette is $0.10, whereas the maximum bet depends with the number of activated roulette wheels. Even then, the maximum bet for a single roulette wheel is normally $500.00. As such, activating all five roulette wheels in La Roulette raises the maximum bet to $2500.00—or spins with $5000.00 maximum bet for casino operators that allow $1000.00 maximum for roulette wheels.

La Roulette has these payouts. Successful bets on single numbers offer 35:1. The payout for splitting two neighbouring numbers is 17:1. Street bets (splitting three numbers) offer 11:1; Corner bets (splitting four numbers) offer 8:1. A payout of 5:1 is given out for a Six-Line bet, while wagering on Dozens offer 2:1.

The sound in La Roulette is good while the graphics—players can choose between low and high quality for the animations—stirs positive nostalgia, especially the wooden design that lives up to the classic hype. La Roulette, which is seemingly not custom-made for mobile gadgets, has an aspect ratio requirement that is apt for desktop computers.

La Roulette: Game Strategy
European roulette offshoots, such as La Roulette, have similar return to player rates and house edge, which are 97.3% and 2.7%, respectively. La Roulette is a game of chance.

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