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Different Types of Poker “Draws”

Drawing in poker refers to win you have the possibility of a great hand, but that hand needs to be made up on the board by the community cards. The best example of this might be in Hold’Em when you have two suited cards in your hand and then another two of the same suit come up on the flop.

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At the moment, you have absolutely nothing and your hand would most likely not win. However, there is a lot of value to staying in the hand on the “flush draw” because there is a good chance of another of your suit coming up and making your flush.

Of course, flush draws are not the only types of draws. There are many different types of Poker Draws which we will cover in this article. It’s important to understand the different types of draws as well as the different odds that each one of them has. Sometimes staying in the hand on a draw can be smart as you have a lot of outs, while other times it can be reckless. Knowing your draw and its odds are a key to any successful poker player.

Flush draw

A flush draw (“four flush”) is a hand with four cards of the same suit that may improve to a flush. A flush draw has nine outs (thirteen cards of the suit less the four already in the hand). For example: player is dealt A K, flop shows T 2 5, player needs both a J and Q for a straight.

Outside straight draw

An outside straight draw (“up and down” or “open-end(ed) straight draw”) is a hand with four of the five needed cards in sequence that may improve to a straight. For example: x-8-7-6-5-x. An outside straight draw has eight outs (four cards to complete the top of the straight and four cards to complete the bottom of the straight).

Inside straight draw

An inside straight draw (“gutshot draw” or “belly buster draw”) is a hand with four of the five cards needed for a straight, but missing one in the middle. For example: 8-x-6-5-4. An inside straight draw has four outs (four cards to fill the missing internal rank). Because straight draws including an ace only have four outs, they are also considered inside straight draws.

Double inside straight draw

A double inside straight draw (“double gutshot draw” or “double gut buster draw”) can occur when either of two ranks will make a straight, but both are “inside” draws.

Backdoor draw

A backdoor draw (“runner-runner draw”) is a drawing hand that needs to catch two outs to win. For example, a hand with three cards of the same suit has a “backdoor flush draw” because it needs two more cards of the suit.

Additional Poker Draw Questions:

What are the odds of hitting a flush draw?

If you hold a four flush then there are nine cards left in the deck that can help you. That means you have nine outs and two turns to get there. That would mean you have a 38% chance of getting that last card and a 1.86-to-1 odds.

Of course, this is assuming you are the only one on the flush draw. If you suspect someone else at the table to be on the draw, especially at a large table, those odds go down significantly.

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