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Bingo Bonanza – Play Online

Bingo Bonanza is an Internet casino game that runs on software offered by Microgaming Software Systems. Other suchlike bingo variants include 80-ball Bingo, American Bingo and 30-ball Bingo, which are powered by Rival Software; but Blackjack Bonanza is among the most comparable games. “Bonanza” is a windfall while the term “bingo”, which is an exclamation that conveys happiness, was originally “Beano”; Beano referred to an 18th century bingo-like game— common in the then carnivals— that used beans instead of the present-day numbers. Bingo Bonanza is a cross between scratch cards and bingo games, and has some elements of a lotto game in it. In fact, when Bingo Bonanza first hit the market around September 2009, it was hailed as an impressive instant-win and enjoyable lottery-style game for online casino operators.

Bingo Bonanza has a pool of small bingo balls. These balls are encased in a virtual container, which is the ball machine used for drawing the cards. Bingo Bonanza players are dealt six bingo balls in a given round, wherein the aim is matching two balls using the fewest possible balls. The players can stake any desired amount, which can be a mere $0.50 or up to $10.

Bingo Bonanza: Game Review
In terms of game type, Bingo Bonanza is categorized as a 3D Slot. All the balls are valued differently. The virtual bingo balls, which are curvilinear, resemble the balls used in the tennis game. Bingo Bonanza has a ball machine that resembles the guard of a table fan. When Bingo Bonanza was being launched in late 2009, it was packaged as strictly for web-supported smartphones; however, it can also be played using desktops and tablets. Bingo Bonanza has colorful graphics which can further be personalized by the players, and the software supports a variety of gadgets as aforementioned.

Some casino operators have revamped Bingo Bonanza; for instance, there is an operator that has since fitted it with a Turbo Mode that speeds up the animation. An appealing fact about it is its generous payouts; for instance, Bingo Bonanza players can win as little as twice their bet, or— if they have a winning streak—a whooping 20,000 times their stake. This is a considerable jackpot seeing that winning that amount requires betting $1 only. There are other payouts such as 5X, 10X, 250X, 1000X, and 10,000X. Bingo Bonanza can be played on the go, unlike traditional variants that requires players to personally visit pre-determined buildings. Unfortunately, Bingo Bonanza prevents socializing because it does not allow the players to interact physically, which is a core objective of bingo games.

Bingo Bonanza: Strategy
Bingo Bonanza has a return to player (RTP) rate of 95.95%. Although there is insufficient information on the house edge of Bingo Bonanza, most bingo variants have a house edge that ranges between 3% and 11%. Some online casino operators encourage players to do a nice timing, although this can be interpreted as simply luck. Therefore, Bingo Bonanza players have scant options of turning the odds in their favor. However, the possibility of winning 20,000X—even if the chances are slim—makes up for everything.

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