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Where To Play Craps Online For Free

So you want to play craps online for free – without paying any money?

Where the hell is the fun in that???

Don’t worry I’m only messing. Maybe you don’t trust online casinos yet for real money. Maybe you just want to practise Craps. That’s fine.

Before you do get started playing Craps online for free though – or using the casinos “play money” – I do want to note one thing: online craps is not the same as Craps in the likes of Vegas!

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I would promote until I am dead just how awesome online casinos are – except when it comes to craps, and even roulette to a lesser extent.

Craps is one of those games that are SO much better as a community or as a group; everyone around cheering each other on etc. It truly is one of the only “team sports” in an online casino, and you have no idea what a rush it is being the dice man and having everyone cheering you on.

Anyhoo – yeah, if you are just wanting to practise Craps online that’s fine – but if you find it boring etc then don’t worry when you hit up your first casino and hit the Craps table, you will completely change your mind.

Now – to play Craps online at an online casino for free, we recommend the following:

Bovada: The best thing about playing Craps at 5Dimes is you aren’t restricted to just one sort of table software. 5Dimes actually operate 3 separate online casinos within the one account, and this allows you to play Craps utilizing three different softwares.

See like I said above – Craps can be a tough game to play online. And a lot of online casinos don’t get it right in terms of what the customer wants. But that’s okay – because using three different softwares with the same account, you will be able to find an ideal game for you to play.

All three casinos within 5Dimes allow you to play for free. It’s a case of just registering at 5Dimes, and then logging and clicking “Casino”. You’ll see the three different casinos, and can give them all a try. So head on over to Bovada now.

The other solid alternative is

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. The reason I mention them is they have an Instant Play version of Craps. This means there is no messing around. Hell – you don’t even need an account there. You simply click this link:

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and on their casino homepage, you’ll see the link to Instant Play craps. You don’t need to register an account or anything – they give you $1,000 in play money and you can start practising craps immediately.

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