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How Big Is Crypto iGaming In Asia?

Asia itself is already a fairly large-populated continent, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the iGaming market to be large there. It contributes to 32% of the income of China, which shapes the iGaming industry, and in addition, iGaming occupies a large place in Asia in countries such as Japan, the Philippines and India. At the same time, this region is also a very suitable area for the development of online gambling options. While iGaming is so common here, transactions such as crypto casinos, which are in the sub-branches of iGaming, are also very popular. If you want to find out how much crypto iGaming is in Asia, keep reading.

Market Expansion

Growth of the day, including the distribution of iGaming in Asia. The fact that its population is close to 5 billion helps the industry to take root here. Thanks to people’s familiarity with online gambling, online gambling operators have the opportunity to work here. At the same time, crypto gaming that emerged with the developments and games of these online casinos also make people respond to each other. Speaking of Japan, it has the largest iGaming market in Asia with $20 billion. We can all see it, Japan has always been this mainstream style. Not only do they allow online gambling, but it is also legal for land-based casinos to operate in some locations. This day contributes to the economy. They stated that they will develop a facility hosting a hotel/casino/conference center/shopping center and museum in Osaka in 2029.

Mobile Gambling

Phones in Asia direct the whole world. The same thing happens in the crypto gambling industry. As mobile technology becomes more widespread, it is also becoming more common for people to spend time in crypto casinos from their mobile devices. Since everyone has a phone, mobile devices are the first means of accessing online gambling sites. The fact that revenue from mobile games reached 60 billion dollars last year can be shown as an example of just one of the contributions of mobile devices to the gambling industry. The reason why people prefer mobile devices is that they provide great convenience.

Why Do Asian People Choose Crypto iGaming

Anonymity: The reason why crypto casinos or betting sites attract so much attention in Asia is the privacy they offer to their users. This confidentiality is ensured thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchain technology retrieves and encrypts people’s information. This makes it impossible to track them. This is also a technology that will eliminate activities such as fraud and misuse of sites. Thanks to blockchain technology, people in Asia can play games in crypto casinos with peace of mind.


Fast Transactions: While spending time in crypto casinos with cryptocurrencies, you will notice that the transaction speed is higher compared to traditional casinos. The reason for this is that when making payments with debit or credit cards in traditional casinos, a third party intervenes and slows down the transaction. At the same time, transaction sentiment increases due to these third parties. This is one of the reasons why crypto casinos are on the rise in Asia.

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