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Explaining How Live Dealer Casino Games Work

If you’ve spent any time at an online casino lately, you’ll probably have run into live dealer games. Live dealer games, having originally launched in 2010, are now all the rage. They combine the convenience of online gambling with true authenticity, letting you get as close to a land-based casino as possible without having to leave home.

But how do they work, are they really beneficial, and can you play?

How Does It Work?

Live dealer games aren’t digital recreations of games but rather a direct live feed of a dealer. The dealer handles the game as in a land-based casino, acting as a host and croupier. A live feed of the dealer is taken in a studio and then sent directly to players around the world. You can bet on the game as it unfolds in real-time, win real money, and even interact with the croupier.

It’s all very impressive, giving a taste of a science fiction future you only dreamed of a few decades ago. The only real question is whether you actually want to gamble online this way. Although impressive, there are some drawbacks to live dealers.

What Are The Benefits Of Live Dealers?

You may have thought that live dealer games aren’t actually technically better than their digital counterparts. To some extent, you’d be correct. Since live dealer games are real, they play out at the pace of real casino games. This is to say, digital versions of the same games actually play out much faster. You can even actively control the pace of digital casino games as you see fit. So aren’t the digital versions better? Yes and no.

The biggest benefit of live dealer games is authenticity. It isn’t uncommon for gamblers to say that the digital versions of casino games simply aren’t the same. Digital games lack ambience and are based on random number generator (RNG) software, separating them from traditional gambling. This isn’t to say that pokies online NZ aren’t impressive, they certainly are. But some gamblers simply prefer the physical versions of casino games. If you share a love for physical casino games then live dealer games are for you.

What Do You Need To Play?

High-quality, real-time video feeds have requirements. If you want to play live dealer games you’re going to need a decent internet connection, especially if you want to watch in high resolution. Thankfully, high-speed internet is far more common than it once was. If you’re watching Netflix then you probably won’t have much trouble with live dealer games, assuming you use the same internet connection as your Netflix.

You can even play live dealer games on your phone, assuming that you’re connected to decent WiFi. Though, importantly, a stable internet connection is essential. If you’re in a remote area, don’t bank on playing live dealer games. It’s probably best you stick to the much less demanding digital versions in such circumstances.

In conclusion, if live dealer casino games sound good to you there is no harm in trying them out.

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