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Video Poker Terminology/Definitions

Video Poker is a very popular game in casinos which is based on the 5 card draw poker. If you ever had previous experiences with the game or you wish to try it , there are some certain terms you should know which will help you understand the game better.

Video Poker Terminology is very important if you wish to play the game at your best. Here are some terms that appear in the game very often and their definition below.

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Average Payback: Another term for it is expected value or EV. Its the the pay back average for any specific play. Its important in a situation where one have many options on a hand then they should go with the one that has the highest EV.
Action: When someone is playing on the machine then its known as giving action to the machine.
Bet Max: It is used to point the maximum bet.
Bust: Used to refer the hand that didn’t increase after the last draw resulting in the person losing his bet.
Bank Roll: The total amount of money available to a person that he can gamble with.
Bonus Poker: Its basically a normal game of poker with no wild card but it has four particular bonuses.
Credits: The money we put in the machine is displayed as credits in all the video poker games.
Comps: Its the short form of compensation and it refers to the additional rewards like cash back we get while playing the game or using a VIP card.
Cycle: The number of hands which a machine took before hitting the jackpot is known as cycle. A jackpot is usually won when the person hits the royal flush. This is rare and happens after 40,000 hands at an average so they are also known as Royal Flush Cycles.
Discard: When some one throws away the card he was dealt with is called a discard.
Drawing Hand: Its the first hand that a person gets in the starting of video poker.
Full House: When a person has three of a kind and a pair appearing in the same hand.
Flush: If there are 5 cards from the same suit in a single poker hand then its known as flush.
Face Cards: they consist of kings , queens and jacks.
Full Pay: It refers to the best payout which is offered of a specific game.
Hold: it means that a person is keeping the card to himself by not discarding it.
Hand: it refers to the 5 cards that a person is dealt with on a video poker machine.
Inside straight: When 4 cards are to a straight and the missing card is situated in the very middle of the straight.
Jackpot: This is a rare hand which occurs when a person hits the royal flush at that time the person is rewarded with bonus.
Jacks poker: A game where joker happens to be the wild card.
Kickers: It is meant for a card that accompanies four of a kind resulting in doubled returns. i.e while playing a game of double double bonus poker , a hand of 4 aces will pay 800 on a bet max but it will pay 2000 when its with a kicker (2s) .
Pair: When two cards have the same value . i.e. 2 queens
Pat Hand: it is referred to a hand where all the cards which were dealt initially make up for a winning combo.
Perfect play: A play where all house advantages end up blocked due to a perfect hand .
Rag: its referred to a useless card that will not fit into any hand .
Rejected Cards: those cards which are discarded voluntarily after a person follows a round of play.
Spill: If someone wins a hand which pushes his credit over 1K ( almost all the video poker machines don’t add that persons credit instead they spill quarters into the persons tray in order to make up for the difference.)
Straight: When five cards happen to be in a sequence but they are not in the same suit.
Suit: There are 4 suits – clubs , diamonds , hearts and spades
Triple play: Some of the poker machines allow a person to play 3 hands at same time.
Wild card: its meant for the card that a person uses to substitute for any other card present on the deck.
Winning Hand: The hand that a person gets paid for.

So those were some of the basic terms used in a game of video poker . These terms will help you to improve your game and become a better player.

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