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7 Stud Video Poker Guide & Review

7 Stud Video Poker is a variation of Video Poker, found at RTG casinos like Lucky Red Casino and Cherry Red Casino

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7 Stud Video Poker is quite different from regular video poker – in 7 Stud Video Poker, you get dealt 7 cards, however only the first card and the third card are revealed to you at first. You then have the choice of betting every time a card is revealed to you, or just choosing “Deal All” for the video poker game to reveal all your cards.

Here is a screenshot of 7 Stud Video Poker in action, courtesy of Slots Oasis Casino:

7 stud video poker

You would usually bet each round of revealing if you had a strong hand to start with, like a pair or two cards to a straight flush. In 7 Stud Video Poker, you only get paid out if you hit three of a kind or more. The payouts depend n how many coins you bet, but assuming you go all the way to the end, and bet every street, the payouts are:

Royal Flush: 500
5 Of A Kind: 400
Straight Flush: 240
4 Of A Kind: 100
Full House: 60
Flush: 40
Straight: 40
3 Of A Kind: 20

These payouts were taken from Slots Oasis Casino.

7 Stud Poker Video Poker also offers the option of placing a bonus bet, where you can place an additional bet on whether or not you will get a Royal Flush, Straight Flush or 4 of a Kind. If you win this bonus bet you can get a payout in the thousands.

7 Stud Video Poker also has a special bonus round which kicks in if your winning hand was a straight or higher. It’s a standard double or nothing bonus round, where you have the option of attempting to double up your winnings. It’s quite a cool bonus round though – six cards are dealt face up, one card face down. You have to guess whether the card that is face down is Big (8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King) or Small (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). If you win you double your winnings, and if you lose you lose your initial winnings. If the card is a 7 you also lose your bet.

Once you win, you have the option of doubling those winnings. So if you won $10 initially, played the bonus round and won to bring your winnings to $20, you could then try double or nothing again with the chance of walking away with $40.

You can try out 7 Stud Poker Video Poker for free at Lucky Red Casino.

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    Additional 7 Stud Video Poker Questions:

    What is the 7 Stud Video Poker Bonus Bet?

    7 Stud Video Poker also has a bonus bet option. In between each “round” of betting, where a card is turned face up, you have the option of placing a bonus bet on whether the next card you turn up will make your hand four of a kind, a straight flush or a royal flush.

    How do I play 7 Stud Video Poker?

    To play 7 Stud Video Poker, all you have to do is click to amount of money or credits that you wish to insert into the game. You then choose how much you want to bet, and whether or not you want to place a bonus bet.

    You can bet up to 5 credits per hand – this is the best thing to do to get maximum value out of 7 Stud Video Poker. To do that you would hit the bet max button. After each card is revealed you have the option of betting, and you can do that by either betting one or betting max. If you wish to end the betting just click “Deal All” to reveal all cards.

    Where can I play 7 Stud Video Poker?

    You can play 7 Stud Video Poker at any casinos that use the RTG software. Casinos that use RTG software include Slots Oasis Casino, Lucky Red Casino and Cherry Red Casino.

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