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What Is The Biggest Casino in Benin?

Benin is a former French colony located on the coast of West Africa. Benin is not usually noted as being a tourist trap, and, as such, does not tend to offer much in the way of facilities and the like for the traveler. It was, for several years, a socialist state, but because a more open, democratic state in the early 90s, when it adopted the current title of the Republic of Benin.

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Benin, being one of the smaller African countries, does not have a booming economy, like its neighbor to the east, Nigeria. The lack of a thriving economy also means that Benin natives do not have as much disposable income as that of many of their African cousins. So, given the lack of disposable income, it is safe to say that casino gaming is not a major part of life in Benin. However, that is not to say that Benin does not have a casino. In fact, it has, at the time of writing, exactly one casino, which also makes it the largest casino in Benin.

The largest casino in Benin can be found in the Benin Marina Hotel, and is currently open for a full five hours, between 11pm and 4am. Again, given that most of the locals have no need or desire for a casino, the opening hours should not come as a shock. The Benin Marina Hotel can be found on Boulevard de la Marina, Cotonou. Cotonou, whilst not being the capital city of Benin, is the country’s largest city, which makes it the ideal place to situate the country’s only casino. Cotonou is also home to the country’s only airport as well as the country’s only seaport, as well as the government, making it the tourist hub and political hub, again making it sensible to have the only casino in the country there.

The casino at the Benin Marina Hotel is, as you would expect, relatively small, but it is not without its charm. There are around a dozen slot machines for you to play on at the casino at the Benin Marina Hotel, and depending on when you visit, there could be up to three gaming tables open, with American roulette being the most popular game for visitors to play. For the seasoned casino visitor, this might not seem like a lot to keep you entertained, but you have to remember where you are – Benin is not a wealthy country, nor is it a hive of gambling activity, so for the country to even have a casino is an impressive step forward.

The reason for visiting the Benin Marina Hotel is not actually for its casino, but for the amenities it offers, as well as its location. Being located in the heart of Cotonou is important for visitors to Benin, so the Benin Marina Hotel is an obvious place to set up camp. And once you are there, the resort itself is impressively large, although it could do with a revamp (but again, you are in Benin, so your expectations should be altered accordingly) with dated fittings and room décor. But there is an on-site golf course for getting in a quick nine before you really start the day. And if golf is not your scene, there are 3 tennis courts for visitors to use, a soccer pitch (if you have a few more people with you) as well as two swimming pools to ensure that the fitness needs of any guests are catered for.

After your daytime activities, the Benin Marina Hotel also has an on-site spa, so you can relax before you hit the nightclub which is located in the basement level of the resort. If nightclubs are not your thing, there is the hotel restaurant, The Tanekas, which has views overlooking one of the pools, as well as The Nokoue, which is the Benin Marina Hotel’s main bar.

The main appeal of the resort is the conference facilities, and it is held in high regard by local businesses for that reason. There are currently seven meeting rooms, ranging in size from small and cosy, to large and spacious. If you do find yourself in Cotonou on business, the chances are that your meeting will be held at the Benin Marina Hotel.

The most surprising thing about the Benin Marina Hotel is the fact it has a casino. Although it is not big, and it does not have much in the way of game variety, the fact you can still have a wager if you find yourself in Cotonou speaks volumes about how the way of life in this tiny African country is ever changing.

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